Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toblerone & Corky :O)

The four little kittens are 2 weeks old! yay! they are super cute, and have just started opening their little eyes.  Toblerone & Corky each have a splint & bandage on their twisted hind leg. Lets hope it works, else we'll have 2 three legged kittens pouncing around.
Pretty sky!  we had the most amazing storms last night.. quite scary in fact.
And. Can an art doll be cute and scary?  it would seem so...
Today is the final day for bidding on the art shrines over  ~ HERE ~
(use Firefox or google chrome browsers)
Bidding closes at 6pm PST today.
100% of funds raised will be going to Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots.
Four exquisite examples....
 ~ Rebecca ~

I hope you can join in!


  1. The kittens are so adorable, Abi and you're such a good "mommy" to them. And as for your question about an art doll being scary, oh yeeesss, it sure can and they're usually my favorites too!!

    No storms here but lots of heat, dry heat. The only good thing about this drought is that our swamp cooler is working like a champ, but as soon as the humidity starts rolling in, it will be a hot swamp, nothing cooling about it..we really do need to convert to central air, but have to wait for the hubster to get his lovely little arse to the bank to set it all up..did my all the estimates!!

    Have a great week.


  2. thank you abi. you have a heart of gold for each creature great and small.

    your place in the shrine gallery of hope shines! imagine...forever more we will all be a roof of protection and love over countless others!!


  3. Oh are they not adorable beyond words Abi! I am so pulling for those little guys and I do hope their little legs straighten out.
    I just visited the Shrines and they are so wonderful! So much talent and imagination! You all did such awesome work!
    The little "ghoulish doll" is indeed scary, but strangely compelling also. I love artists who step outside the box and into the realm of the odd and outrageous!
    Have a lovely and blessed Sunday Abi and many hugs to the pets!
    Tina xo

  4. Bless those babies, Abi, they are just so darling. May the heal into the most healthy and beautiful kitties no matter how they look. Thank you for tending to their little hearts and bodies.

  5. I am just finally catching up on my fav blogs! and I hope it will let me leave a comment...
    I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers for your little ones. If the worse does happen, I know they will adapt and be fine, (I have one without front legs, just little nubs but she gets around very well.)
    I agree! that doll IS scary and cute! LOL! I did look at the art shrines, WOW! what talent! I sadly have no funds :( maybe next year!
    Take care, XOXO - Cindi

  6. Sweet little kitties...they'll be fine! Nature has made us resilient in our will to enjoy this life we are given :)

    I love that spooky girl doll...the details are wonderful!

  7. Hee hee, two of my favourite things today, Kitties and Julien martinez' dolls! Hw sweet is that tiny Kitten face!!! :o)

  8. Hi Abi,
    OMG! That kittens face is so adorable! I hope the legs can be fixed, I always say your animals are so lucky to have you as a caretaker and friend!!
    Love the Beautiful, yet eerie doll...the two work well together...
    Dessa Rae

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  10. Sorry I had to delete the earlier comment as I had asked whether their eyes were opened without registering what you had written about their eyes.
    Kittens are adorable with their eyes just open. So nice that you are such good aunt to them. Cats are such magical and exquisitely made people. Sometimes witchy!

  11. Oh, my gosh- BABIES!! They are SO adorable!

  12. They are such precious little souls. I am hoping that their legs heal properly. We had some seriously scary storms last week - the sky turned black as night at about 5pm. Thankfully, no damage was done. Hope you've been having a wonderful week!!! :) xoxo

  13. Awww!! I really hope the heal!! Love kitties! You are a great pet mom :)


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