Sunday, December 5, 2010

~ Proudly owned by two pigs ~

Here's the story....Jesse  found a pig in the workshop this morning...we were scared to get too near, thought it was wild and they can be scarey can't they? he was eating a bag of horse feed... caused  a bit of havock getting to it!!

I took the photo, then we ran back to the house to figure out what to do! A few minutes later, look who was at the front door...

It was very entertaining watching Jesse decide if the pig was safe to go near.. of course as soon as we saw the eartag, we were pretty sure he wasn't wild!
I gave him some water, which he enjoyed. Alot.  We discovered he was a she. 
We managed to usher her into the barn, and I raced to the farm shop to buy some pig food.  Whilst I was deciding what I should buy, Jesse called me to tell me he had found out  that the pig had been turned loose since the owner couldn't sell, or afford to keep.  I have many words to describe this person.. freakin idiot is a starter.  As I reached home... pig number two arrived up the drive....

They are ADORABLE.

They love the deep straw... that's an ear poking through!  She's called Isabelle.
And this is Henrietta....

In Texas we collected stray/dumped cats and dogs who wondered onto our land... here in Oklahoma it's pigs! we've only been here three months!  amazing eh.

I know absolutley nothing about pigs, so have been reading up on them.. I also emailed Judy of Pigs Peace Sanctuary who I blogged about last summer.  I hope she can fill in the gaps!


  1. That really chaps my hide. One of my neighbors thought it would be nice to get a cat for their kids, did not get it fixed and now there are cats running around that they don't seem to caring for (one even got hit by a car). And just recently they just released this absolutely adorable dog that we believe the dog catcher picked up. Some people...

    Thank goodness there are folks like you and my Dad. Animals sometimes need a helping hand:)

  2. I can't believe someone who just let these sweeties go and fend for themselves. They obviously came to the right place for a little food and drink and some love. It makes me want to cry when I hear of things like this. Thank you for caring. xoxo Theresa

  3. Oh this is just too much. how on earth did those pigs know where to go? Safe haven. Good luck to you and the growing menagerie. It was meant to be.

  4. Hi Abi, what strange visitors you have! A funny story however. Pigs are actually VERY smart, and are also most like humans in their anatomy. They knew exactly where to come to for a warm welcome, and a safe haven, and just some plain old love! xoxo Christel

  5. Bless you, Abi! You are the patron saint of needy pigs! Abi of the Porkers.
    Seriously, though, thank goodness you were able to take them in. How horrid to turn them loose like that.

  6. Uh oh.... they know where you live... and now the whole world ..okay...well, maybe just the neighbours...will know it's okay to drop off or herd in your direction...any and all unwanted animals......damn people anyway!

    Sheila at the donkey sanctuary just had to put down one of the little ponies that she managed to rescue a while ago... she was beyond help from so much neglect... Sheaffer wrote about it on his blog... it breaks your heart to realize how many idiots are out there.... I could cheerfully throttle them all!

  7. ooo, I'm so jealous! They look like they'll really give the place some personality! It's very kind of you to give them a home. :)

  8. Awwww, I love pigs, they are such friendly creatures and really smart too :o)

  9. I was wondering how long it would take before you had some new pets! Sweet little pigs. I heard they are very smart. I heard a story about a pig saving a family from a house fire. The pig slept in the house and head butted - banged on their bedroom door until they woke up. I also think they love mud to roll in. So get out your duck boots.

  10. They knew exactly where to go. They are just so sweet and have found their forever home.

  11. Oh Abi they are adorable and although I agree with you about the previous owner I have to say those pigs are much luckier now!
    I love animals as you can no doubt tell and I would be over the moon about those two!
    I believe the reason they came straight to you is that animals can see the light that shines from good people and you and your husband must be glowing beacons!
    Your home is so blessed!
    Have a wonderful week with the new girls!
    Tina xo

  12. While I was so angry that someone could be so heartless, I also had to laugh as I read your post. What a surprise that must have been! I am at work right now and I was telling the girls here about you and your rescues and how these little piggies found their way to your home! They were all laughing and said how sweet it was that they found their way to you! They just KNEW where to go! :)
    XOXO - Cindi

  13. Hi Abi, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog as this is a great way to discover new blogs like yours. I love it. Your art is incredible and obviously you have a large heart to have so many four-legged babies. Pigs are actually very magickal and wise as they are protected by Cerridwen, a powerful goddess of wisdom. I love pigs and such bad karma for the person who abandoned them. How wonderful that you adopted them, they ARE darling!

  14. Oh my, Abi...pigs? I can't believe that people do the things they do to animals...poor porkers. But they are very fortunate to have found you and yours...they have a wonderful life ahead of them...unless you really like bacon!!! I don't eat pork!! LOL

    Enjoy the rest of your week with your new additions...quite adorable!!


  15. How in the world does the word get out? Abi's Place - All Strays Welcome!

    The pigs are too funny!

  16. Aw... Abi it's just like you to take in even pigs! I think animals are totally drawn to you!

    Are you going to keep them?

    I still want to drive down and see the pig sanctuary!

    Love ~Pattee

  17. Abi, it's crazy how people can just let animals out the door with no concern for their well being. We get stray dogs from the pound because this has happened. My question always is...."what? you couldn't take a few minutes to find where you could take them where they will be safe?" Well, at least the owner didn't just take 'em out back and shoot them.

    They are lucky to have known where you live! wink wink

    Bless your big heart.

  18. That's terrible that those people just let them go like that! Good thing they found you. They look so sweet and I'm sure you know how smart pigs are suppose to be. Good luck with them. I think they look like fun!

  19. Oh my...
    Anyway, all I know about pigs is that they are VERY intelligent . It is said that they are more clever than dogs.
    I think they shouldn't be fed with left overs and stuff but vegies and fruits.
    Good luck Abi!
    I think these two ladies exactly knew that they had found a safe home.

  20. PIGS!! wow animals seem to know just the right people to go wonderful...But what a mean thing to do to those pigs,just to let them out to fend for themselves!
    My partner is going to love seeing these photo's!
    Now there's a name that might stick 'Abi of the Porkers'..make a nice doll?

  21. please promise you will keep them away from your christmas tree!!!
    of course i am just kidding...thinking of your beloved CAT.

    all i can say is they are the most fortunate pigs in the world!
    (now that they are with you!


  22. They are adorable Abi, and very lucky pigs to have found you.
    I love that you can do this , you're a very special person and I think the animals sense it ,but it is awful that someone could just release them and leave them to fend for themselves.
    so glad they are safe now
    julie xxx

  23. I can't believe someone would just let them go! Its so great you adopted them! lucky little piggies!

  24. So glad they wandered up to your home. They must have known you'd take them in. People that dump animals are just ...... grrrrr. Seven years ago Hubbahubby and I rescued a very thin and sad chocolate lab that had been abandoned and locked in an empty house. Buster is a wonderful, albeit slighty nutty dog that has brought us years of laughter.
    BTW, we're almost neighbors, I live near Tulsa.


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