Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ New art doll bust ~ Decor

We had snow!  ok, it lasted one day, but still, snow is snow, and I like it :O)
I enjoyed making the little Christmas ornaments, so I made one more... she's called decor.  It sounded a bit French, since that's where my head is right now (so to speak)

Decor is in my Etsy shop...

And here is a picture of the snow, from where I sit and create...


  1. Decor will be perfect for someone's tree! Love your creative space, Abi, and the view of the snow.

  2. Love your new bust!! That's the way I like snow...lasts for a day and then I'm done!! LOL However, it is a beautiful site, especially in the desert...gorgeous, and on our mountains out here....really gorgeous!!

    Have a great week, Abi, and enjoy your little bit of snow. Lower 70's here today...could use a little snow right about now!! LOL


  3. is lovely Abi. I wish I were a fly on your shoulder...your dolls are so pretty, and this little ornie is no exception. We have lots of snow here in Western Kentucky..I'd gladly give it to you! Tomorrow they are calling for freezing rain, sleet, and flurries, hopefully not too much accumulation..I am dangerous on the roads..I'd have to stay home and make dolls..oh what a pity! haha XOXO Christel

  4. I don't know what happened to the beginning of my post???? I sad, I think Decor" is a great name, and she is Lovey Abi.

  5. I first noticed your work when you had the other shop so I have enjoyed seeing the busts. Your work is really beautiful, Abi.
    And the three-tiered tray and wire-form are speaking to my heart! Gorgeous.

  6. pretty, and the snow is too, we got cold here but not that cold LOL

  7. She's just beautiful and WOW you have a wonderful room to create in! So light filled~ no wonder you create such beautiful dolls!


  8. Decor is absolutely lovely! You create such stunning dolls. We had a dusting of snow on Monday night - but it is gone already. I am still hoping for a wonderful true snowfall. It would be great to have a white Christmas! Theresa

  9. Lovely decor and what a fantastic room to work in :o)

  10. Oui!oui! I agree! Décor sounds very French indeed!
    I love your studio! So much light!

  11. Beautiful view!! Decor is beautiful!

  12. Your workroom is lovely and I love your latest dolls, they're gorgeous :D

    How are the pigs doing and will you really keep them? How wonderful :D

  13. Yes! How are the piglets?
    I love this ornament, so pretty.
    It's so nice that you have all those windows in your studio so that you can feel connected to the outdoors!
    We had a little snow and then last night we got lots of it! I passed 2 car accidents on my way to work this morning. I think the snow can be so beautiful but so treacherous....
    Take care! XOXO - Cindi

  14. I love your ornament! And oh look at all your windows for natural light! :) We had snow too then it turned into an ice storm. It was pretty out though. :)

  15. loving these large windows...all that light slipping in to all your beauty!!!!!



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