Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ My latest Doll Swap with Michelle ~

This is my second and last doll swap of 2010!  Here is the doll I made super talented Michelle from The Studio at Crow Haven Farm.
Michelle chose to have her doll made up in pink and brown.  The fabric and ribbon are all the way from England and she's ready for the Venetian Christmas Ball. I enjoyed making her for Michelle, who named her Peace...

And this is Bethany... the delightful doll Michelle made for me.  Nature was Michelle's inspiration.  Good choice don't you think?! She is adorable and her outfit is divine.

Michelle made some wonderful mixed media tags to go with her - she is a totally multi-talented artist!
~ Thank you so much Michelle ~


  1. Hello Abi, hope you are having a great day..looks like you are! Michelle is very talented, and her creation is so unique! It has a very European feel to the doll, very nice!! And the beautiful doll you created..ahh so sweet, the pink and brown look very good together..ok now..Add me to you I wanna sway with you someday list! hahha no, but seriously, and you can wait till my skills improve more..just add me to that list please! I love love love your dolls Abi, and the more I talk to you, I see where the loveliness comes from. xoxox Christel

  2. SWAP* not Sway..omg see how excited I was..silly me!

  3. Hi Abi
    great swap wonderful dolls

  4. Cool Swap!
    Both are wonderful!
    :) - Cindi

  5. I miss not doing any of the past swaps. Abi, your doll is gorgeous and I love Michelle's doll too.

    Great swap!


  6. Oh, I'm so envious. I wish I had the talent to make such gorgeous dolls. I love the beautiful masked beauty that you made and the one who came into your home, reminds me of a wise, old faery godmother waiting for you to tell her secrets.

  7. Oh Abi, both dolls are fabulous!! I'm so jealous!! LOL If I don't get a chance to send out salutations, I want to send you many cheerful vibes this Christmas...hugs to you animal family, especially your adorable porkers!!


  8. What a fabulous swap! Your doll is absolutely gorgeous - and the doll you received is lovely, as well. :) Thank you for sharing them both. Theresa

  9. Aren't you both so lucky to have one another dolls ~ they are both so fabulous! You both are so lucky to have one.... Lucky all around!

    Merry Christmas Abi!
    Xox Pattee

  10. be still my heart!
    is there enough fabric left over for a me sized dress????

  11. Both dolls are delightful! What a great swap!

  12. Peace is doing well and I see Bethany is right at home in your beautiful new home! What a great swap this was and I believe we will have to start a new tradition each year...swaping dolls for years to come and then get them all together and go on a road trip! LOL What fun that would be...however, we could fly over the great pond and hang out in some local pubs over in Europe and tell our stories. LOL Merry Christmas Dear Friend and Thank you again for bring Peace into my life.

  13. Joy! What a great thing to do! Have blessed and merry days!

  14. Hello Abi, I love looking at your blog. You have so many lovely dolls. Your very artistic and talented....keep up the beautiful work!

  15. Hi Abi! Dolls are wonderful and congrats on your getting published! Include me in the swap next time! Love, Deena


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