Sunday, August 15, 2010

Proudly owned by another two cats....

And I believe I have the dirtiest soft top in America...

What was once a crisp black hood, is now saturated with white cat hairs! nice.
Jeffrey is a new stray cat... when he arrived he was skin and bone.  I found it frustrating because he would stay a week, start to put weight on, and then disappear for a week, and then return.  He did this for some months, but this last few weeks, he has stayed put.  I am happy about this.  I have been trying to get him in the cage because he needs to see the vet... I have yet to be successful.  He is a lovely cat, and I hope he stays.
One morning I heard this little fellow meowing very loudly up a tree.... I thought it was Texas, with a lost collar, and an unusual voice...I soon realised it wasn't him!  He is very feisty, so I have named him Tiger.  He has been cuddling up to the other cats for this last week, so I hope he will also stay. 
He has just started letting me touch him.... it's amazing what Friskies tinned food, toys and a back scratch will do :O)  
All the cats enjoy the dried food, but tinned food seems to attract them like chocolate attracts me. 
5 of our 13 cats are orange (or ginger as we would call them in England!)... oh, 13 cats... thats a worrying number isn't it?


  1. The first pic reminded me of a commercial here in Ontario for "African Lion Safari" - except your cats are smaller. They are cute and I do hope they stay around to get vet checked.

  2. I just love that you Love so many cats!!! I love cats... I love dogs too but cats steal my heart... as these two did! I also hope they stay around to see a vet...

    We never get strays around here... I only have one now : ( she's a stray and my other 2 bless their cat souls were strays.... but nary a stray I've seen here in a long time... if there were it would be mine!!!! LOL!


  3. Abi, they remind me of my Sr. Tomas. Many years ago I went to the Humane Society looking for another cat since our first cat (talking almost 40 years ago when I was first married to the ex-jerk)died of Numinietis (SP.) and we waited almost 2 months before we were advised to bring another one into our home. Anyway, he was a feisty one in the cage and I just had to have him. He turned out to be the best cat I ever, loving and damn funny!! He turned many cat haters into cat lovers and many still own cats to this day due to Sr. Tomas.

    Late and need to go to bed.


  4. Love the pics Abi,they are gorgeous cats. I just have the two now, both once strays. Pepsi is a big softie who wanted to be with me all the time from the moment we found him , but charlie our ginger tom is a feisty one ...
    He decided no more strays are coming here and guards our house like a rottwieler, fiughting any cat that crosses our path so the vets trips are inevitable and its a major operation to catch him and get him there !
    Hope you can tempt these two into the cage for that vet trip .
    julie xx

  5. Just multiply 13 x 9 for their 9 lives each and you won't have a worring number anymore. I love cats. They must have a grapevine going telling them to go to Abi's house. Aren't you moving? All the pets will go too right?

  6. 13 eh? Unlucky for some but not for them obviously! My Matilda was a feral moggie living on some abandoned ground from an old demolished house and had 2 litters of kittens before she was caught. The vet reckoned she was only about 18 months old herself at most. She used to disappear for long stretches when I first had her, then it was like she just made up her mind to stay put and that was it! She moved to Wales with me from Yorkshire and is even happier here :o)

  7. oh my! I can't imagine! But then I live in a small apartment. My cat Peepers would be in heaven!! What will you do when you move? And how long will it be before the new local wildlife knows what a pushover you are! You're the best!

  8. What cute pictures Abi! I have to leave the back open on my SUV for the cats to snooze in during the day! I am sure my neighbors think I am one froot loop short of a bowl.
    And this morning when I was loading the bowls up for the guys who like to eat outdoors what do I see but a little skunk, in broad daylight, waiting for food too!!!
    Have a super day with your guys!
    Tina xo

  9. love the pics, I hope my little tiger gets nice and full like your big beauty, I never heard that before Ginger Cat, my new Tiger is so orange I never had ginger kitty before, I always have Siamese
    But I'm in love she is so sweet

  10. These are both gorgeous! And 13 must be lucky when it comes to cats!

  11. Who cares about hairs? I'd worry more about the little claw holes they likely are digging in the top...or the fingernail scratches in my lovely silver paint job!! ackkk@!!

    I'm hoping that isn't a snazzy little Porsche under the tag top... bad kitties, bad kitties!

    Oh, man.... like "wired" said.... you are a pushover... what a lucky bunch of animals you have at your zoo....

    oh, and.... my Mum always said 13 was a lucky get out there and buy a lottery might help defray expenses when you win.

  12. Two beautiful new additions to your family! Nah - there's nothing wrong with 13. It's only a number. :) I'm so happy these kitties have made their home with you! :) Theresa

  13. I have ten kitties, 5 black, 3 white, 1 grey and 1 orange (or ginger)and about half of them live at the kennel where I work (but if I ever leave, they will go with me!)
    I agree, 13 is a LUCKY number!
    Just like BLACK cats are lucky! LOL!
    and yes you are a pushover but it takes one to know one!
    XOXO - Cindi

  14. Yeah my husband and I call tinned food Kitty Crack! :D

  15. Oh how precious! I am such a cat lover and have had a ginger cat named Moppet for 15 years now. Our Siamese is 7. I would have 13 in a heartbeat if I could!
    Such wonderful photos, thanks for the smile!
    Xoxoxxx Ree

  16. you are amazing Abi.... the queen of the animals that need love that only you can give... i think you are a very special lady....
    just adore that ginger boy who loves the hood of your soft top... hey knows style!!!!

  17. I could never have enough cats and if 13 is a worrying number, it only means that no.14 is not far behind, haha!

    I love these little guys so much and am glad that they've found a haven with you.x

  18. maybe full of hairs but lots of love too. Linda:)


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