Friday, August 20, 2010

Haiku My Heart....

It's Haiku my heart Friday with the wonderful Rebecca...

Judy & Curly

Pigs Peace Sanctuary
Are raising funds to support
Their loving pig's home

I think I broke the rule, but hey, rules are made to be broken, right?

Pigs Peace Sanctuary, is one of my favourite places, and I would love to work there.  But, since I live elsewhere, all I can do is support their fund raising event, and share their fantastic work.


They are just in the process of raising funds, so if you are interested in supporting these fabulous creatures, go and check out their website, and make sure you watch the videos... they are brilliant.

I am having terrible trouble with writing this... the cursor has become a permenant hand sign, instead of an arrow, and it will not let me cut into sentences to change, or highlight, so I have to keep chopping between 'Edit HTML' and Compose.  I have so much to say, but this is driving me nuts!!! why is this happening?!!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place - I will check it out.

    Also, Mercury is retrograde now, so expect all sorts of communication challenges. I find that computers often go wacko during these times. This particular retrograde lasts until 12 September.

  2. Well I found out the problem... they have a 'new editor' button which is supposed to make the posting process easier... for images anyway! I have switched my setting back to the old way, which they are ending soon. Why oh why. Argh.

  3. Haiku CAN be about anything. Lovely.

  4. I totally love the photo. They look like old buds relaxing and sharing a few secrets.

    Very nice.


  5. Yup. Mercury's retrograde. Communications scramble themselves like nobody's business. On a related note, however, there's a retirement home for donkeys and horses in Ireland. Pigs, donkeys. . . they all deserve love.

  6. That is one huge pig! wow.... to read about the sanctuary...

    technology....pagh! it's only wonderful when it's "only" working!

  7. Oh Abi thank you for reminding me!!!!

    I ran into a woman here where I live and I was telling her I'd like to have miniature pigs and she told me she gets her pig love from "Pigs Peace Sanctuary... It's really close to where I live! So I'm going to head down there soon and get some pig loving and see what I can do!

    I love pigs as well as all other "sorts" of animals...

    I know you are a secret sister of mine : )

  8. The top photo is priceless! The porker looks blissfully content--and the human part of the duo looks like she's found a perfect place to relax as well.

    Haiku My Heart … with Tales

  9. Rules? There are rules other than the 5-7-5 syllables????

  10. This sounds like such a wonderfully beautiful place doing great work. Thank you for sharing. Blogger has been giving me SO many headaches, too. Sometimes change is NOT good! LOL Enjoy the rest of the weekend ~ Theresa :)

  11. seriously this is a HUGE homecoming!
    i have enjoyed a peaceful time away,
    yet missed you and your huge animal loving self!

    how's the move coming???


  12. haiku can indeed be on anything :D good one! :)

    My Haiku for HMH


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