Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Fairy and Things

It''s been a while....kittens and puppies have grown, and become more naughty, (well the puppies anyway)....

I made a fairy for my special friend Tania, who I miss so very much it sometimes hurts.  She is the ultimate lover of fairies, and the color purple :O) 

She'll be heading off to England tomorrow.  I hope Tania likes her!

We found a chewed up remote control, and I have now full use of my laptop, since the new lead arrived.  Bernard appears to like chewing....everything! Texas in the photo assured me it wasn't him.
We think he may have some of this breed in him...(Bernard, not Texas!)

We will see!
I bought some lovely draw knobs.....

 And finally, the Art Dolls Only Traveling Doll Project has come to an end... I sent Cindee's doll back to her this week... She has seen a transformation..six artists from around the world... to read all about their travels visit here.  I'm looking forward to seeing Ruby again!

I loved the journal part...
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you fancy a bit of Haiku, don't forget to go see my friend Rebecca....


  1. Oh Abi how could your friend not LOVE her doll!!! She is beautiful!

    A chewer in the house... put away all thing precious : )

    I loved the travling art dolls! Can't wait to see what the original doll makers think!


  2. All I can say is Tanya is one lucky friend! wow awesome dolls Abi, always!!! xoxox Christel

  3. She is adorable so Tanya will like her!! What a nice project, those travelling-dolls and such a sweet picture of your little cat!

  4. Tania sounds like my type of lady! Since I am an ultimate lover of fairies and purple and I think she is gorgeous I'm sure Tania will too. I love your draw knobs too

  5. Oh, your fairy is gorgeous! I love her!!!

  6. every doll you do has a new place in my heart, so beautiful!!!

    im excited to see your travelling doll too!!!

    sending loveliness to you & all your dear pups & kitties

  7. Yes Abi I am still on my travels: )
    Yesterday looked at tear drop trailers....

    Today is a free day and tomorrow we go to the foothills of the Sierra's for a wedding and home on Sunday...

    Tuesday my husband and I are moving him in to an apartment for 6 months while he writes...
    email me if you'd like to hear more.... : )

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! What a blessed and lucky friend! Lovely knobs too!

    I am sorry but I got tickled and am so giggling over the remote. Been there and done that my friend LOL.

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  9. Love Love the faerie, can't stop looking at her, you have such wonderful style
    Hey, any time you want to do a fairy trade let me know!!!!!

  10. I am positive your friend will love her new fairy doll! It's exquisite. Here's hoping you and your kitties and pups have a lovely weekend. Theresa

  11. Your friend will love her new doll. She is beautiful and such an labour of love.
    Too bad about the remote. RIP.

  12. Your fairy is so sweet! I'm sure your friend will be thrilled, anyone would be to have such a beautiful little lady around.

  13. I love the new doll...she is so beautiful!

  14. What a lucky friend, she's going to love your fairy. The colors are wonderful. Her little pants and shoes. Her wings. Wow!

  15. Oh Abi, I bet Tania went nuts over the beautiful faerie you created for her. A lovely keepsake of you.

    LOL - I remember those chewing days well! I just looked back at your previous posts and your furbabies are so cute, and I would not be a bit surprised if Bernard has Great dane in him!


    P.S. my wrist has been since April - it was shortly after the OWOH event.

  16. i have been away....finally i am home to quiet peace.
    i have missed you sweet abi...your talent and friends.

    sending you love,

  17. She is so, so beautiful...she will BE TREASURED!
    The Traveling Art Dolls have been really fun to watch.


  18. Thank you so much for being part of our CDA Blog Hops!


  19. Goregeous doll as usual Abi! Have your dolls been lucky enough to escape your dog yet? I had a cat who liked paper and used to chew the one's I made wtih paper pulp years ago.

    Sadly Ruby is still sitting on my dining room table next to her box, as I haven't had time to do any work on her journal. Soon!

  20. Gosh those door knobs are fun, will you be adding them to your creative projects or home decor

  21. Beautiful doll! Your friend is very lucky. :)


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