Friday, February 5, 2010

Flower, FreakyLittleThings, Treasury, and D'sil

The above chap, sitting beside my latest 'bust' is Nancy's Travelling Doll Project doll D'sil Ewshund.  He has an eye for the ladies, and he's a wizard no less!  Nancy has created an amazing journal to accompany him, and I can't wait to get started on him!

My gem of a friend over at FreakyLitlleThings is raising money for the people of Haiti.  If you donate, you also have the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous girls.... Please check out Yve's blog for more info, and a link is there to her fundraising page in association with Oxfam.

Once you've visited Freaky Little Things, and made a donation :O), you could then hop along to say hi to all the wonderful artists in my latest Etsy Treasury ~

Hope everyone has a great weekend :O)


  1. The bust? Is that yours? It's absolutely beautiful! I'm so sure you'll have fun with the traveling doll project... I did it and had a wonderful adventure!

    Also I do visit "Freaky" dolls and I love her work.

    Take care~Pattee

  2. Your new bust is lovely (that sounds SO wrong)! Thanks for mentioning the Doll Giveaway :o)

  3. Beautiful Bust! And can't wait to see the finished doll :)

    Also wanted you to know you have an award because I find your blog to be VERY Inspirational! Come by and pick it up when you get the time :)
    Have a Lovely Weekend,

  4. Hi Abi!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I missed you. But now that I see the beautiful bust you did I understand where you've been! It is really really beautiful! You are so talented. I haven't been doing much lately. I've been busy with personal stuff. Hopefully soon I will get back into the creative groove. You have once again inspired me.

  5. The bust is amazing Abi...Love the softness of her.


  6. I'm baaaackkk.... admiring your bust again.....well, not YOUR bust, but you know what I mean. This bust...her face especially.....


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