Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TDP update and Treasury......


 Olin arrived as a pair of legs with claws, now he has a body, albeit a naked one, but I'm sure one of the other Bambolettes will solve his problem :O)  I hope Nancy likes the satchel I made for her man D'Sil... it has a few goodies in it...

Sally's doll arrived from Nancy the other day, Nancy gave her some wicked boots!...

Can't wait to get started on her!


  1. That cat gets in every photoshoot :o) I love D'sil's bag, he's finally managed to tear himself away from Vaudeville I see ;O)

  2. I bet this doll project is really fun. I love your Ice Angel!

  3. Olin has a lovely soft face....what a great companion he makes..... D'sil is a lucky guy...

  4. The dolls look wonderful. Thanks os much for adding me to your Treasury. I tried to comment when I saw it on Etsy but couldn't find the place to comment.

  5. that bag looks like something my brother would heart...its absolutely wonderful!!! its so cool watching these go together, the layering of styles & how they compliment each other, building on each others creativity!

    loveliest wishes for you

  6. My girl is like us Abi, She just loves dogs and cats.


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