Saturday, October 3, 2009

Missing :O(

One of my once-apon-a-time stray cats (black cat) has gone missing :O( He has never left the property since he and his sister claimed me to be their owner just under a year ago! and now he is nowhere to be seen. His sister doesn't seem at all bothered... but me? I am devestated, and feel so sad. I just hope to god he is not injured or suffering anywhere, my worst nightmare quite frankly. As you can imagine - my mind is doing overtime on all the what ifs........


  1. Oh so sorry to hear this.
    I hope he just went on a big adventure and will come back safe soon.
    A big hug,

  2. Oh poor Black Cat....thinking of you, and him xxxxxx

  3. Our Ginger Boy went missing last year for the first time ever, he was shut in a neighbour's shed! He never left my side for about 48 hours after that. If he's still a full Tom then they do wander when romance is in the air (which is most days if you are a Tom Cat!)

    Hopefully he's just off mousing! Will keep fingers crossed for you, and eyes, naturally. Let us know when he's safe x

  4. He could be up a tree because something scared him. If that happened he won't come down until he's ready. Give him some more time. If you let him in the house you could have shut him in a room by accident. Give him time and look around for him. I hope he comes home soon. Remember, cats have 9 lives.

  5. Greetings Sagi sister!

    Thank you for stopping by Casa Hice and leaving your footprints on my welcome mat. The door is always open, so please stop by again and visit often!

    I, myself, have a beloved black cat... pure black... black as cole. I adore him. Found him on his "last day" at the animal shelter and adopted him on the spot. He's been such a funny addition to the family, and VERY resourceful! I think all black cats are. But I do share a bit of your worry, it being the beginning of October and the mystical season. Somehow black cats are a natural attraction to twisted people with bad agendas. I hope Black Cat is just journeying and will be home soon.

    I will say a little prayer for his safekeeping until he is reunited with you. I'm sure he will be.

    Keep the faith!

  6. My big cat Peanut who lived to be 20 yrs old went missing for a couple of weeks and I was heading home to Houston from NYC where I lived at the time. I was staying with a friend that lived in, literally "The Jefferson's" building. Remember that tv show? Anyway it's a huge building. I had to come home without Peanut, but had Domino, her brother, with me. It turns out 2 weeks later that a man went into his dad's apartment that had passed away and there was Peanut in there for 2 weeks after scooting out of my friend's apartment and slyly entered into the apartment without the nurse seeing her. I had already given up and was excepting the loss although devestated at the same time. What a happy ending and I pray and hope to God that your black cat will make it a happy ending too.
    I do know how devestated you must feel though. Please keep informed!
    Linda :)

  7. I meant to say please keep me informed!

  8. Thank you everyone - I appreciate your prayers and support! :O)


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