Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is Ethel, a gorgeous pig who lives at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.  Please check out the Sanctuary http://www.pigspeace.org/-  it's lovely. 
She's also in my latest Etsy Treasury....


  1. Ethel looks so sweet!

    I loved the Treasury :)


  2. My mum once won a Pig in a raffle when I was a small child.I was so excited and started thinking of names for our new pet, unaware that the adults in the household weren't so keen. Imagine my distress when she came back from collecting her prize to see that she'd swapped it for some groceries, and my would be pet had gone to live with a local farmer. They offered to take me visiting but I was inconsolable! :o(

  3. she is sweet... I'm into donkeys and a sanctuary in the east of Canada that I support.... isn't it great that some folks have places for older or unwanted pets and animals.... I love it...

  4. Awwww, Ethel looks like she is definitely not camera shy! Like your new look, Abi!

  5. I love pigs!
    And that store is in Seattle an hour and a half away!
    I'm going to go visit when I go down there~ I can hardly wait!

    I saw on Good-morning America or some early morning show about a woman that was raising miniature pigs... I hope they don't end up like so many pot bellied pigs...

    Thanks for mentioning the store Abi~

  6. Ethel is so gentle looking.

    I love pigs!

  7. What a PIG!! My Boyfriend goes by the name of Pig...errr don't ask long stupid story! But I'm going to have to tell him about the sanctuary, you never know when he'll need it LOl.
    Great treasury, like the little purse...ooo and the little felted pigs.
    Oh poor Yve, that's so sad!!
    The website link for the sanctuary is fantastic, thanks for this post!!

  8. I really like your new look blog Abi. Is the photo in the corner , your new doll? haven't seen her before......Thanks for my soooper birthday presents, i really love the fridge magnets and the bag is totally fabby..xxxxx

  9. The name Ethel just fits her!! She looks like she would like a hug!!

  10. what dear pigs, their site is amazing!!!

  11. Hi Abi,
    Ethel is great. Pigs are supposed to be so smart. But what I want to know is who is the doll in your header? Did you make her? I must have missed that post. She has a great face, I love it!

  12. Thanks guys - she is a cute pig eh! Kaz - yep, she is the doll or the pending book - :O)


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