Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~ New Dolls, Doll Registry, & my kittens :O)

The lovely Nathalie wanted a doll inspired by the novel The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton.  Nathalie named her Delphine.....
Nathalie's Doll

Nathalie's Doll

Nathalie's Doll

Here is my latest Cadabby Pixie called Bella Moo.  She would like a new home, since I chuckle at her freckles.  
Bella Moo

Bella Moo

Bella Moo
To re-home her, she can be found here ~ Etsy ~  :O)

I have recently joined the International Art Doll Registry,  presided by Deb Wood.  I recommend joining if you make art dolls - not only can you have your work registered, there is so much to learn, with great tutorials & a fine network of doll artists. I'm hoping I will be able to attend IDEX with them in January 2012. 

Finally, thought I'd show my babies kittens off!  They are growing too fast.  Toblerone & Corky's twisted back legs are perfectly 'normal' now!  yay!  I must admit, I was aporetic, and didn't think the massage, stretching, bandaging (& splinting for Tobelerone) would work, but hell yes, it did!!

6 weeks old.


  1. Hi Abi,

    Our minds are thinking alike this week...we both join IADR and we both post pics of our tuxedo kitties...

    Your kittens are so adorable, and your dolls are perfection!!

    So glad to hear the splinting of your kittens legs worked...You should be a vet...

  2. Love the Kittens so cute so happy they are all so normal YAY, nice work
    Kitty MuM
    your new dolls are amazing, thanks for posting the info, if you go to the IDEX let me know I'm going too

  3. Beautiful dolls but I tell ya, they are competing with those adorable little kitties. Glad to hear they are progressing well.

  4. I just finished reading "The Forgotten Garden" and you hit the nail on the head with "Delphine." She has that far-away, wistful and beautiful look that the character has. Great job as always, Abi. I love that you're making story book dolls!

    And your babies, I'm so happy to hear that they're healing and thriving thatnks to their momma kitty. Bast smiles down upon you, Abi : ) Thank you so much for being the Earth Goddess that you are.

  5. Beautiful dolls! I really love Bella Moo! She is just fabulous! Your kitty photos are adorable!

  6. I love the new dolls....breathtaking as always!

    Your little furbabies are so adorable!


  7. Your golden hands have created two new beauties! I prefer Bella Moo just because of her charming freckles and tender profile!:)
    You opened a door to many miracles and surprises, by joining this big art doll community. I wish you many happy moments there, as well as to meet new friends!
    The kitties are lovely and they've grown up so quickly, because they are surrounded by love!
    See you, Abi!:_

  8. Wow, Delphine is stunning and I just adore Bella Moo!
    I'm SO HAPPY to hear how well you kitties are doing! :)
    Those kittens are looking so healthy and boy that little Toblerone is so CUTE with his spot on his nose! If I was at your house I might have to stick him in my pocket! LOL! (just kidding!)
    The registry sounds very cool! and to have tutorials!...I've tried to create dolls before and they tend to turn into cats!? and also I am so intimidated by such talented artists (like you!).
    XOXO - Cindi

  9. Awwwww, look at those little sweeties :o) I'm, so glad their legs are better now, they are beautiful x

  10. Dolls beautiful!!! And cats are cute. I love them!! I want kiss them!!!

    A greeting

  11. Your blog looks different..I like it:) Your dolls are so beautiful. The faces on your pixies are so sweet.

    Good job fixing the kittie's legs..I think that's amazing that something could be done for them.

  12. Oh Abi...your babies are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Kittens are so precious, aren't they?? And I just had to tell you how much I love your gorgeous creations....these dolls are breathtakingly beautiful!!!! The one with the freckles???? ohmygoodness!!!!! Thank you always for sharing your artwork with us ~
    hugs and love, Dawn

  13. Beautiful dolls and I just love the kittens. Glad to hear they are doing well.

  14. Beautiful, beautiful dolls:) I love the pixies your making, they are so sweet:) Glad your little kittens are doing so well. Hope you have a lovely day.

  15. Lovely dolls, as usual, Abi. Also, I love that of my captured her beautifully.

    As for your babies, I can't believe how big they've I long for a kitten...I love cats, but the Chihuahuas don't and they seem to roam around this house as if they are the true masters!! LOL Your attempts to mend their little legs was a great success...your quite a country doctor!

    Oh, I just saw your other post about your anniversary, well Happy Anniversary and many, many more! Have a wonderful and creative week and again, I love those little furry "thangs!" Just too adorable!!


  16. so much beauty here abi!
    you truly inspire us all.
    and those kittens? how do you spell JOY?


  17. Love Delphine she is beautiful and Bella Moo is so ethereal looking amazing doll. The kitties are absolutely adorable.

  18. Okay, I'm going to surprise you. Those dolls are positively awesome! lol....surprise, I didn't call them gorgeous or beautiful...heeheehee... but you know they are!

    The kittens are so, so cute!

    Congrats on the results of your careful, loving attention to your babies!!!


  19. Friend, friend, friend, where do I begin? Such a time is July, but missed you while all was spinning so. Light and gifts I give to you for that is what this place and your spirit of friendship gives to me. Thanks, dear. Blessings.

  20. Hi Abi! Your dolls are so amazing. I love them both - truly so very gorgeous. And hurray for the kitties!!!! All your hard work and dedication has paid off. They are the cutest little things - I have a special fondness for that sweet little gray one. SO happy that they are doing well. :)

  21. Abi, I will take a look at the art doll link. Sounds great!

    Each time I look at one of your doll, I cannot stop thinking " what would mine be like if I had a customed doll made?" . Seeing all the wonderful things you do doesn't help in my little head, as I would probabley end up asking for about 30 different ones!

    Awwwwwwwwwww you babies are so, so, so so, so CUTE!!!!! I cannot wait to have a cat again. The companionship with my dear Rhonda ( that lasted over 17 years) was the greatest experience of unconditional love I ever had. I miss her.

    Okidoki...back to doll making now!

    Have a great day Abi! XO!!!

  22. oh, how cute they are Abi....and it's so great that your massage and stretching has paid off for the little guys..... whew....makes me happy too.....

  23. OMG, those kittens are so adorable! I want one!


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