Sunday, May 29, 2011

~ Kittens & Things ~

Yesterday was an eventful day with one thing and another... but here is one cute fella with a disability, who arrived along with his(or her!) 3 siblings...
Grey's disabled baby
Two of the them have this problem....
Grey's disabled baby
But, they are nursing well.  I am hoping I can manipulate them back to the right position with some light physio.
Grey's babies
Grey is doing so well! she must be tired.
Tiger thinks it's all a bore....
The photo of this little guy was taken by Bobby
An Ornate Box Turtle. 
I understand they are an endangered species here in Oklahoma.  I wonder if the 'counters' have sat on our land... I remove at least 2 a day from the dog yard, and put them over in the field where I set up some little water holes for them.  Out of 10 acres, why on earth do they keep wanting in the dog yard?  I don't know about endangered, but they are in danger every day they tip toe into the dog part ~ how they do that with a fence all around?  I think they are super cute.
The previous owner did a fabulous job of planting aromatic plants! I could sit and smell them all day.
Last, but by no means least ~
The viewing of art shrines for the benefit auction starts on June 1st
~ will share the link on the 1st ~
Zizula Cynai
Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots


  1. Oh Abi that kitten is so precious and if anyone can manipulate those little legs back into the right position it is you!
    I will be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way.
    I love turtles also and although I have not seen any in the immediate vicinity, I hear there are tons over by the creek.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend and I just love all the new dolls!
    Tina xo

  2. you are so brave to help with kittens I hope the little guy does well
    I have Goopher turtles not as pretty, but still cute, and they like to go whenever, I feed them lettuce sometimes you can get them to stay put if you feed them some left over veggies or clippings they might stay where you want them too
    good luck and have a great Weekend
    working rescues on the river, lots of alligators

  3. He´s precious!! I hope he recovers!

    Kiss for you and for he!!!

  4. He´s precious!! I hope he recovers!

    Kiss for you and for he!!!

  5. Bless his little legs! Just love kittens and the noises they make, love the turtle too ;o)

  6. I love those little cuties!
    I hope everything goes well with their little paws.

  7. Those lucky little pitties couldn't be in a better place than in your loving hands. Sweet little ones.

    As for the turtles, we have desert tortoises out here and they come down from the mountains when it rains, which we haven't seen a hint of the wet stuff in 115 days and counting. I used to have a pair in my backyard and my dogs pretty much left them alone, except for the occasional curious sniff after I fed them cat food and fruit. They burrowing into the dog you have dog food set out? If so, they're attracted to the smell of that.

    Anyway, I can't wait for the auction...Rebecca's done such a wonderful job...what a sweetheart!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Abi and hugs to the piggies from me!! LOL


  8. Those kittens are pretty lucky to have you looking after them...I love newborn kittens...
    That turtle is a hoot!! He looks like he has mischief in his eyes, what a good looking turtle...
    Beautiful dolls as always...
    Dessa Rae

  9. Abi, I rescued a tiny kitten years ago with a leg that dragged behind her. I would just sit and slowly manipulate it, fold in as it should be and slowly stretch it back out. I would do it over and over again as I watched TV at night and eventually she had full use of it.
    I also had one that I rescued when it was several months old and it was already walking on it's little deformed leg. The vet I was using at the time wanted to cut it off but I said no. Now "Little Bug" hardly walks anywhere...she RUNS!
    LOL! She's on my FLickr account if you want a peek at her!
    Take care! XOXO - Cindi

  10. Hope the little kitties are still doing ok and that you can manipulate their legs back to where they should be. What a wonderful turtle! I haven't seen any (in the wild) in many many years. Much good luck to you with the auction! xoxo

  11. oh abi your life has been quite eventful! i know the kittens are in loving capable hands.

    the turtle? are you my darling friend.

  12. Ahhh....4 darling little sweet. I wouldn't even think to try to move the joint...hope that works!

    I adore fragrant gardens....we have some creeping jasmine in bloom right intoxicating!

    That's one gorgeous turtle, too :)

  13. I'm so glad those kitties found such a loving home with you, Abi as so many people wouldn't even look at them because of their little paws. You're such a mothering earth goddess :) I would never want to leave your house between all your furbabies, dolls and garden!

  14. Those kittens are so sweet:) I also love the turtle.....we have tons of turtles in my neck of woods. Have a wonderful week:)

  15. Oh how darling are new born sad they have such a disability to deal with...i do hope you can use your magic and realign those little legs so they can have a normal life..
    love those little turtles...perhaps you should contact the authorities so they can study the re-population of the species in your area..well done for doing you bit to save the speciesby protecting them and their habitat...

  16. i think you are the best & bravest friend these dear animals have!!! & i love your entry for oaxaca for Rebecca...i wish i could have participated but i have no time this year, i can barely even comment, i've been trying to visit you for weeks :) lots of loveliness

  17. Sorry not to get back to you sooner. I had the same sign in problem as you did. Hopefully it's over now. Beautiful kittens! Love the turtle, they say they have territories. Maybe the dogs are in their usual spot?


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