Monday, June 22, 2009

Exclusive Interiors

I wish there were shops like this where I live! This shop belongs to Sarah, in Felixstowe, UK. It's full of lovely treasures, especially the ones made by my sister!
I've been creating again... I think it must be time to get my Etsy shop open!


  1. Abi, I love shops like this - so much fun to browse!

    Yes, open your etsy shop!


  2. I too would love to have shops like this to visit! So quaint and lovely. Thank you for following my Blog. :o)

  3. Abi, the shops are wonderful!! Can't wait to visit your etsy shop.

  4. Hey..The shop does look great! I go in every Thursday!!! Thanks Abi.

    Really like the design on this manequin.Can't wait to see every thing in your ETSY shop........
    LOL Kazy xx


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