Thursday, November 18, 2010

Angel, Christmas Felt & Eye Candy

I am absolutely enjoying doll making again... so much so, I have to drag myself away to do other things.... is that a good thing? mmmm, not sure.
I thought I would share a picture of Angel... she is a Christmas ornament.  (I needed to make one for our Art Doll Only ornie swap, so thought I would make a few more! no Donna, this isn't your one)


Above is the gorgeous felt art doll & heart I received from Laurence (check out Laurence's shop- it's breathtaking~ Feltoolala)

Holi is having a sale - she is my favourite artist.
Since I managed to take a break from doll making... time to get back to it :O)


  1. Angel is breathtaking and I just stop over to visit Feltoohlala and OOHLALA is absolutly right as I fell in love with so many things.


  2. Angel is ..just Angel. Her face is beautiful. Do you beautiful work.

  3. Abi, she is beautiful. I love her!!


    Ps. Thank you for letting me feature your work in the coming issue. Everyone is gonna love your article!! =)

  4. Your angel is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the others you are working on. I'm happy that you're creating dolls again. :) Theresa

  5. She's beautiful Abi, I love her pert look, definitely a no-nonsense kind of angel, I love those!
    Have a great creative weekend...
    Tina xo

  6. She is adorable. Does she have friends?

  7. Angel is beautiful!!! And the doll you received is quite stunning, as well!

  8. Hey there, Abi...glad you're back in the saddle again and enjoying the ride. Love the ornie, but then I don't think I've ever seen anything you've made turn out but wonderful!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. I hope you'll show us the Angel when ready! She is beautiful and I don't doubt people will desire to have her at their homes for Christmas!:)

  10. Abi!!!! Your angel is beautiful... only you can create those beautiful faces!!!!

    I love that little ornament you got.

    And I love that you are making dolls again and staying away from other "duties"

    Hugs ~Pattee

  11. Oh, your Angel is lovely Abi.... send some of that energy my way okay? I'm still not up to anything.... sigh.... soon... I will give myself a swift kick in the ass.... probably wreck myself in the process though...

    plus... we are having a terrible time staying connected to the internet..and have been thorugh weeks if not months of "trouble shooting"... and are still no further wonder I have no time to create. I am forever hanging on the damn phone with somebody....

    hugs, V. ..

  12. Oh, I love your Angel! I can't wait to see more!
    That little felt doll is so cute, I will have to check out Laurence's shop.
    I love Holi's work! I haven't been to her shop for a while, I must drop in and see the sale. I LOVE that print that you posted!
    Take care my friend, you have been in my thoughts...
    XOXO - Cindi

  13. Your angel is beautiful Abi. Glad to hear that you are ready to start creating your incredible figures again!


  14. Thankyou for visiting my blog, your angel is awesome, I love it, Im sorry to hear you lost one of your pups to parvo, its a terrible disease, I lost a dog to parvo many years ago, keep being creative, its great you are enjoying making dolls again,

  15. I really, really love your dolls Abi. You have definately become very inspirational and one of my favorite dollmakers around. :)

  16. Angel is stunning. Good to see you back to work!! Ha ha xx

  17. hey angel,
    your angel


  18. Abi,
    you know you are an angel yourself:)
    Happy to have you back to creating.

  19. JUst stopped to say Happy holidays to you! I always enjoyed your blog. Fantstic dolls!

  20. too much talent to put on hold...welcome back
    Abi... i adore the felt angel...


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