Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The best idea humanity has ever had.....

My very special friend Rebecca posted the above Charter for Compassion.  To add your name to the Charter.. click here

Don't you think it's the best? :O)


  1. dear abi,
    i am so happy to see you sharing this. i would love to go blog visiting and find it EVERYWHERE!

    i discovered it this morning...watched. then watched it again. it is so beautiful and right. i signed my name..and then immediately began sharing it with others.


  2. Hi Abi!
    I added my name and I so believe in compassion in our world. My husband is so compassionate and teaches it everywhere.
    Thank you ~

  3. Hola Abi, just added my name to the list. Wonderful message and one I truly believe in, I just wish many more felt that way...what a wonderful world this would be. However, being a student of history, mankind has always repeated the same thing over and over again, good and bad. When will the cycle of hate end, perhaps never since we are human, but just think if we could create an imbalance from this one simple, beautiful message.




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