Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new Chinese Craze!

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Well you wouldn't loose them in a crowd I guess! Another crazy thing: I can access my blog, add posts, fiddle about, but can't leave comments on other blogs! it keeps telling me to sign in, so I do, and it totally ignores me! anyone else having this problem? or has Yve from Freaky Little Dolls passed on her PC Pixies? ;O)


  1. The dog picture is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I love your fish, where did you find them? I do hope your problem with blogging ends soon.

  2. I dont think my pugs would look good in those colors...

    PC Pixies are monsters..

    xoxox Sonia

  3. All my pixies are still present and correct and causing havoc but maybe they've bred or come over for a visit? Hope they leave us all alone soon! :o)

  4. Tee hee, yep, they are still here, but at least I can leave messages! for a moment I thought the blogging community had blocked me! :O)

  5. oh, so now I'm anonymuos eh! charming!

  6. Computer Pixies are notorious for multiplying like rabbits!
    Love the dog pict!

  7. I think the dogs deserve a little more respect! Crazy stuff! I haven't had any blog problems yet...


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