Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Hundred Thousand Angels

I have just added a playlist to my blog, because I wanted to share my favorite piece of music! Lucinda Drayton of Bliss has the most magical voice I have ever come across. My mum and I have seen her twice singing live. Have you ever got 'goose bumps' listening to music? I do with this one!! We played this piece at my Grandads funeral and it still makes me cry! Infact, the first time we saw Bliss, my mum cried, and following the performance, Lucinda came and sat with my mum. It was an experience not to be missed! (although I'm sure my mum wouldn't agree!)


  1. Love your music selection. Am listening while roaming around the Internet.

  2. Your music sounds magical, EPIC. Like it a lot.

  3. Although I am new to blogging, I had a desire to give back to this wonderful new community.

    I have created a new Blog Award.
    I have decided to give it to you, for helping me to realize what blogging is all about.

    You can pick up your award and creed on my blog:

    Please pick one person you think is deserving of this award and pass it on.

    The award and creed are at the bottom of my blog.

    Take care,
    Dessa Rae

  4. Thankyou Georgina and Connie - and Thank you Dessa Rae for the blog award!

  5. I love the 100,000 angels!
    Thank you visiting my blog and commenting on my newest doll!

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