Friday, July 17, 2009

My Eve and Gaia ADO Four Elements Challenge!

This is Eve, she is my first experiment with Polymer Clay. I have learnt so much from her, and can still see a thousand errors - but hey! best way to learn eh!!! Images enlarge if you click on them. She's 12" high. I decided to paint the eyes, rather than insert glass ones. They are still a little flat looking. I also discovered what paint works well, and what doesn't, more importantly! she ended up with a 'distressed' finish. Totally deliberate of course!

...... And now for Gaia, The Greek Goddess personifying the Earth. My ADO four Elements challenge. She is made from cloth, and painted with watercolors.

Don't forget to check all the artists out - you can link to their pages via the ADO Blog. All the names of participants are listed on the left side of the page. There are loads!!!!!! :O)


  1. Your challenge pieces are so beautiful. The eyes look so real in the photos anyway. Both peices are wonderful. For your first experience with polymer clay it is awesome.

  2. Outta this world awesome! She's beautiful.

    I chose the Earth element too.

  3. Oh sweet Abi, they are both so gorgeous.
    You are such a talented lady.
    Superb work.



  5. Beautiful work. I love her shoes!

  6. She's beautiful!!!
    Your first time with Polymer clay? You did a fantastic job... She's very well done.


  7. Eve is beautiful! I want her! You did such a good job. I want to try clay one day too. But I bet I can't beat your Eve!

  8. OMG, that's your first try with polymer???? You put me to're incredible!! And as for's all I can say...WOW!!!

  9. WOW !! the two art pieces are great.

  10. Eve and Gaia are both so beautiful, such an inspiration, I love them. Lindax

  11. Abi, this was your first polymer clay piece? HOLY SMOKES Girl... you are a natural and where born to do this. Just absolutely beautiful! And two pieces to boot! WHOOOOHOOO... Enjoy the Blog Event! Have a great weekend.

  12. wow!!! first time with polymer, you nailed it! she looks fantastic.
    of course you fabric doll rocks to.
    wonderful pieces, just beautiful.

  13. Oh Abi, they're both beautiful!!! I can't even believe that's your first work in polymer clay!!! Just gorgeous sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

  14. Abi,
    "Eve" is divine! Fabulous work! She speaks to me. I love the eyes! If you want to give them a sheen, you could try Crystal lacquer. It is what I use to gloss lips, and eyes if they have been painted. Gives a beautiful finish.

    Of course, I love your "Gaia". She looks so motherly and serene. Just beautiful work, sweetie!

  15. Both of these are beautiful. I love the effect of water colors on cloth. You are very talented!

  16. Beautiful piece-so serene-I love her expression.

  17. I admire anyone who can paint so beautifully on a cloth doll. :)

  18. Gaia is beautiful. She looks very serene. My Eve is perfect, she has that faraway look in her eyes...Romona

  19. Wow! Your work is amazing!!:o) I can't say who I love more..Eve or Gaia!!:o)

  20. Thank you everyone. Such wonderful comments from you means a lot to me I can assure you!

  21. Abi, I've mentioned before how much I like your Gaia piece, she's wonderful!

    I am incredibly impressed with Eve. No way would I think this is your first polymer sculpt - you did such a fantastic job creating her. btw - her eyes look great, at first glance I thought they were glass eyes!

    Both pieces are awesome!

  22. Your polymer sculpting is very well done, and your challenge piece is beautiful.

  23. Do you have a great job! And I found that can, and do not need someone to listen and to do so, as the heart dictates. Only in this way and produce your own style, different from others. Good luck! After all, you have such great potential!

  24. Gaia is beautiful and my favorite; your use of earth tone colored silks are breathtaking! I hope my first clay piece is as half as lovely as yours! Wow! beautiful work!

  25. Abi,
    Your challenge dolls are wonderful. Your first polymer sculpt is amazing.
    I thought the eyes were glass!!!

    Your cloth doll is beautiful, and so serene. She really conveys a peaceful message to me.

    Beautiful, beautiful work!!

  26. Loved both of your dolls....


  27. The talent here is mind blowing. Great job!

  28. I love them both. Eve reminds me of a piece I would see for sale in an old French Flea market - very vintage. And Gaia is just sweet.
    I had a lot of fun with this challenge. And Thank You for stopping by my blog.

  29. They are both wonderful! I love what you did with the clay.

  30. They are both lovely, I like the way the eyes look, it's kind of melancholy - so you didn't get the wrong paint!!! I've tried using false eyelashes on my Alice doll... how tricky are they to apply!!!! :o)

  31. Abi, Your sculpt Eve is beautiful, You are so incredibly talented!!! Your Gaia is amazing too !! You have a gift! Hugs

  32. Eve and Gaia are bothe beautiful. I love the distressed finish of Eve and her wise slightly sad expression. Gaia is wonderful, right down to her pink tights and ballet slippers!

  33. Beautiful work with so many details. you are so talented.

  34. Hi! i cant believe it, such loveliness! Eve is incredible!! have a lovely day!

  35. That's your first attempt with polymer clay!? And you created such a beautifully detailed bust?!?Amazing, Abi :)
    And Gaia needs to be in a gallery somewhere..she is so wonderfully made and a wonderful interpretation~

  36. Very nice, beautiful expression on her face.
    That you know very well to take and that is often the most difficult.

  37. Amazing Abi, really stunning..can't understand why you've not tried this before! The eyes on Eve are so realistic. How many other new things are you going to WoW us with?

  38. I admire Your sewing skills!
    She's great!

  39. i love the expression on eve's mouth. such sad beauty. just beautiful.

  40. Wow, I can't believe that's your first polymer piece! Hope to see more! You painted the eyes so beautifully too.

    Both pieces are incredible and beautiful.

    Thanks so much the awesome comment and add. I'm so thrilled that you like her!! :)

    BIG giant hugs,

  41. Stunning to say the least! You are a natural with the polymer clay and I love the distressed look of Eve.
    Gaia has the most serene face and is just beautiful. I love all the details you added truly giving her a world all her own!

  42. Abi...

    You did beautifully on your firt polymer...She i so breathetaking. I am so very proud of you for taking a leap of faith and jumping into something new..That is a courageous feat. Bravo, I bow to you...knew it would be wonderful.

    Hugs xoxo Sonia

  43. i looked at gaia awhile ago on your flickr page and loved her (if i remember correctly, i commented there too) and the eyes on your other piece look great, very expressive.

  44. wow..... wonderful job Abi. The eyes look like perfect rounded glass eyes to me.... I had to enlarge it several times just to look at it again.

  45. thanks for commenting on my doll :)
    and wow, you are so talented! both dolls are so beautifully made. just gorgeous! i'm in awe.

  46. You nailed the eyes! They look so real! Great job, I can't believe this is your fist attempt at polymer clay!

  47. Eve and Gaia are both gorgeous! You've inspired me to tackle trying clay!

  48. Abi, Gaia is gorgeous. From concept to execution, she's amazing. What else is there to say? And Eve is lovely as well. Bravo!

  49. Just gorgeous. I think your eyes were quite successful...there's a depth and sincerity in them you don't always get from glass eyes.

    Beautiful work!

  50. If that is your first experiment with polymer clay I am very impressed! Gaia is gorgeous too!

  51. Hi, Abi! This was yourfirst experience with Polymer Clay? She's very well done.:)

    I love your "Gaia".
    She is wonderful image of Earth!

  52. Wow your polymer clay bust looks so totally different now she is white and has eyes, very beautiful!
    And of course Gaia is just as amazing too.

  53. Beautiful! BTW--I don't see any errors, you've done a wonderful job. ☺

  54. Thank you everyone - for your wonderful comments. X

  55. She is beautiful!! and detailed

  56. Stunningly detailed & full of character & life. Gorgeous & evocative.

  57. Your challenge doll is beautiful. I love the way you posed her cradling the globe. Like the bust too - don't we have terrific materials to play with these days?!

  58. They are both beautiful. Especially considering Eve is your first try with polymer. My first head looks like a nasty little gargoyle, haha. Cant wait to see more

  59. Gaia is wonderful and her detailing is superb. I also love your polymer clay sculpture. The distressing that 'happened' on her turned out perfectly. I will be keeping close tabs on your blog! Thank you becoming a follower!
    Warmest Wishes,
    Tomi Delaney
    Bramblewood Bears

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