Friday, July 3, 2009

Etsy Shop

I've finally opened my Etsy Shop! It's taken me a long time to list pieces, and I still have lot's more to add. It's all a bit scarey really! I also discovered I'm taking photos with a two smaller pixel thing, so when the images get enlarged, they loose sharpness. Drat. Live and learn eh!


  1. What a fabulous looking shop Abi! I'm sure you'll do really well! Have posted on Folksy about your blog so you may have a few more visitors.....LOL Kazy xx

  2. Thanks Kaz - think I may re-open my Ebay shop too. Will go back to Wedding bits, but in clay rather than wood. It will be interesting to auction some dolls too!

  3. Abi, yaaaay for you on opening an etsy shop!!! It looks great!

  4. Hi Abi, just had a look at the shop, well done! Love your Abigail doll being a fellow Abi/Abigail!

  5. So beautiful of a shop. I am playing ketchup on blogs...Love it sweetie...

    Sonia ;)


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