Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Dolls, Naughty Cats & Dogs.....

I have a naughty cat, and two naughty dogs.....

Tiger thought I put the glass decoration on the tree for him to play with.... nope, not what I had intended.
So the dogs thought they would get a good 'lets guard the front door' spot on my vintage Rococo (style?) couch, no less, and hoped I wouldn't notice!
This reminds me ~ I still need to put some pictures up - the entrance hall looks naked!
This is Gold....

This is River....

This is Blossoming Almond Tree (Dress by Vincent Van Gogh) she was created for the Etsy Art Dolls Only 'copy the Master's' challenge...I printed the famous painting onto fabric.

This is Sky. she's another ornament....

This is Monsoon.  Her dress is made from a beautiful dress I wore only once, from a beautiful shop in England called Monsoon!

I will be listening them later on Etsy.  I'm still creating more, but will list them as I make them...
Thank you Sonia from Creating Vintage Charm magazine, for asking me to be the featured artist in this winter's addition... it is lovely and definately worth owning!!

You can purcahse the magazine from here

Also, thank you to Nichelle, who featured The Nutcarcker Ballerina, and me on her

Oh how I wish I was a Ballerina!

Tamara Rojo ~ A principal dancer with the London Royal Ballet.


  1. przepiękne są wszystkie!! :))

    beautiful :))

  2. Abi, The curly hair is just divine, I love Gold!!
    Gorgeous dolls!!
    Glad you enjoyed the magazine!! You do very beautiful work and I was very excited to feature your work.
    Happy Holidays!!
    Creating Vintage Charm

    PS. My cat Sam has also been soooo naughty. He already smashed several of my glass ornaments.... bad, bad kitty!!!

  3. Oh! LOL! I'm sorry that I'm laughing but that's why I don't have a tree up.
    AND I used to have a sofa very similar to that until "someone" with an urinary infection peed all over it. AARRGGHHHH!!! I've learned that i have to cover EVERYTHING and it can get frustrating, but hey, we get unconditonal love so....
    WoW! YOU have been busy. I love them all! It's impossible to pick a favorite! You are an amazing doll maker! I'm sure that several people will be having a wonderful Christmas if they are lucky enough to have one of your dolls!
    Take care! - Cindi

  4. Beautiful dolls - love all the hairdos. Your pets are great too. My kitties never ever went up the tree. I guess I got lucky.

  5. Abi, I have to say that your first two photos lokk so classy and a bit French! Even without pics on the wall. The sofa is to die for!

    Speaking of dying ffor something...your dolls...I cannot tell there is something changing a little bit everytime and I love them even more and more.

    Next time I'll walk past Monsoon, I will think of you.


  6. Abi they are so beautiful! I think River is my favorite in this group but Monsoon is a close second. :)

  7. Oh, you have already a Christmas tree!! It'll be very exciting to meet the New Year in a new home... All your dolls are beautiful! If I have to choose, it'll be Monsoon! I'm sure they'll find people to love them! Don't you want to keep one of them for you?

  8. My current dog is too old to be naughty at 15, but I used to have a border collie who would steal chocolates from the Christmas tree up to a certain height. She would somehow manage to unwrap them from their foil wrappers, eat them and leave the empty wrappers hanging on the tree. We never caught her doing it - she was very bright and she knew it was BAD! And no, she didn't die of chocolate OD - she lived to a ripe old age.

    Lovely dolls!

  9. you got me with the first picture!!!
    naughty indeed!!!!
    and the dogs? sorry you lost me in couch envy!

    and the dolls?
    pure magic from your amazingly creative self!!!


  10. Congratulations on featuring you and your art in these magazines,Abi! It was very interesting to learn something more about you and the process of creating your amazing dolls!:) Have an inspiring new week!

  11. Abi, all new girls are just beautiful! And I loved a lot the picture of Tiger - its a perfect christmas postrcard! :)

  12. Beautiful! Your dolls are always so detailed!

  13. As always Abi your dolls are just too beautiful for words! I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite! Have a happy Sunday and give the pet babies a hug for me!
    Tina xo

  14. Monsoon is so elegant. Wow! I love your work. Can't say it enough.

  15. I love all of your dolls Abi! So glad that you are creating again! I love River... But then I love rivers more than any other body of water! I love Monsoon as well Beautiful dress!

    Those naughty animals! Ha! Too cute!


  16. Abi, I just had to laugh at your pet's antics. My daughter's cat, Morris, thinks the family Christmas tree is his own personal climbing tree...he climbs up and lays down on the,Ringo the Golden Retriever, nuts!! LOL

    Your dolls are lovely, as always and congrats on your wonderful!

    Have a great week and take care.


  17. Hu hu, yes pets do love Christmas baubles, don't they? I love that ears forward in concentration pose the kitty is doing :o)

    Lovely dolls as usual and that sofa is to die for!

  18. You've been busy! :) All of your dolls are truly exquisite. :) Look at that mischievous little kitty up in the tree. How cute! Theresa

  19. I love all your dolls but Monsoon is my favorite. What a pretty dress. Cats do love to get into things. Especially dangly things. Hope she didn't break it. I'll have to look for that magazine. I don't think I've seen it before. How nice for you to be featured. Your dolls are all so beautiful.

  20. Abi, I love your cat and dogs!
    It´s great to see all the wonderful creations that you have made lately. They are all divine.


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