Saturday, December 18, 2010

~ New doll ~ & the piggys made me cry :O(

Here is Conifer, my latest doll.  I have been quite productive since I also finished making a doll for a doll swap (I'll blog about that when Michelle has seen her!)

She's in my  ~ Etsy ~ shop

~ Piggy update! ~

Isabelle and Henrietta have finally settled in, and my knowledge of pet pigs has evolved. Alot.  The reason I cried? whilst searching the web to find a pig image for my calling cards I am having made, I came across an image of a horrific pig factory intensive farm.  I felt sick, I really did.

It broke my heart, especially since my pigs LOVE to have their belly scratched... they role over onto their side, they grunt happily and fall asleep, but if you dare stop, they nudge your hand until you succumb.  

Here is Hetti saying hi :O)

Please don't tell me any bad storys of factory farms, I can't cope with it... but if you do eat meat, consider the organic free range options.  I'm sure any animal liker/lover would wish the animals they eat to have had a non traumatic, fair existence, at the very least? 
Ps... I don't disagree with humans eating meat, I disagree with some of the ways it's produced. I hate the person that invented  factory/intensive/battery farming,  I really do.


  1. Your new doll is absolutely beautiful ~sometimes I can't find the right words to describe how wonderful your dolls are and how they touch me...

    Pigs! I love pigs and I read that same article you referenced to ~It actually turned my stomach inside out...

    I love love that you've taken these pigs into your heart~
    Hugs Abi

  2. Wonderful new doll so pretty, love the hair and all the details
    your piggies are so cute and pink
    Wishing you a Happy Holiday

  3. Abi, I couldn't agree more. I studied at an Agricultural college and fell madly in love with the pigs there. They are so intelligent and loving, it made me think long and hard and I was only 16! I only eat free range anything and I don't need to read the articles to be convinced of my reasons!

    Your piggies are very lucky to have found you and I love your latest doll too :D

  4. She is beatiful :)

    serdecznie pozdrawiam :)

  5. First, your doll is breathtaking! I agree with Pattee, it's hard to find the words to describe how beautiful they all are.
    Second, I didn't eat red meat for 8 years but sometimes I do now but NEVER pork. Not after seeing "Babe" and then also hearing they are as smart as dogs!
    I can't take reading or seeing those articles. This morning on the Today show they were reporting about a Baby Elephant Orphanage and it broke my heart! I swear if I didn't have a houseful of furry kids, I'd want to go there and help! And I KNOW if you lived there, you would have several of them too! Bless your kind heart!

  6. Your new doll is so beautiful, Abi. A perfect jewel for winter. :)
    Henrietta is such a cutie. You have the biggest heart, truly. I'm so sorry you had to run into such terrible images on your search. I've had the same thing happen - and it's absolutely horrifying. Breaks my heart. Thank YOU for all you do on behalf of our animal friends! Theresa

  7. Abi I am right there with you about farming livestock practices. I get incredibly angry and find it hard to believe that we have not evolved past this insanity here in this country.
    Love the doll, you are so amazingly talented!
    Have a good Sunday and give my love to the piggies! (Pssst, let the piglets know I haven't eaten pork in over 35 years)!
    Tina xo

  8. Abi, love your new doll...she's just gorgeous. As for these animal farms, many are run by corporations and I am not a lover of Corp. America.

    I love the names of your little piggies...perfect!

    Have a great week and take care.


  9. Your dolls are always fabulous! This one is no different :) gorgeous!

  10. Dear Abi, I too agree with you completely. It is sad but true that the cycle of life will always encompass humans eating meat..but there are humane ways of producing meat that we consume..and we should ALL eat less meat, it isn't like we don't have other options.Conifer is a beautiful somber doll. I love how she is just so perfect, and lovely. She looks deep in thought, perhaps your emotions came through in her creation. Beautiful Abi. I have a lovely picture of a very sweet Piglet doll..I made her years ago from this very pattern. I will send it your way maybe you too will love Lillian..If I don't talk to you before, I wish you and your family, and your new adoptees a very Merry Christmas, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful dolls next year!xoxox Christel

  11. Hi Abi, Conifer is so serene, she obviously hasn't left the house and met the pigs yet, that might ruffle her feathers a bit.
    Pigs are very intelligent a lot like dogs. It's just awful the way they treat them.
    I see you enjoyed my little Xmas animals where harmed making that...honestly, it's a rubber spider!

  12. I can't even read stuff like that. It will haunt me for days. It's horrifing.

    Your new doll is beautiful.

  13. I thought you were going to tell us that they destroyed something in your yard!
    We eat meat but we like to get it from a local farm that teaches on the importance of grass-fed beef and humane standards. And it tastes better, too.

  14. Oh Conifer is as lovely as all your other children, Abi...Some day, I'm going to be quick enough to get one of them for my very one. I don't eat pork and I just love piggies. Ever since I read "Charlotte's Web" when I was a little girl, I just ate pork a little bit and now don't eat it at all. I'm so glad your piggies have such a loving mommy. Kiss their little snouts for me ;)

  15. Hi Abi, me again, two things, first of all, do you know of a good tut for creating RJD? or by some great leap of luck, do you have a tut? I would love to see how you create these beauties! secondly, I emailed you a picture of sweet Lillian, I may have ended up in your junk mail...xoxox Christel

  16. Your doll is lovely, as all your work is. You are such a unique and wonderful individual Abi and I am so blessed to be in your sphere. I also dislike animal factories and I'm all for free range products. You are awesome! Have a happy and joyous holiday. I may ask for some pics of your pigs. Will tell you more later.

  17. I love the pictures of your new girls and of the piggy too! :)

  18. I didn't know you did dolls' swaps Abi!

    Anyway... I think of you each time I go to the rescue centre now as a volonteer. There are 2 huge pigs there. I always stop at their gate and have a chat with them ( I am fluent in Pig!). They make me smile.I will give them news from your pigs tomorrow ( I try to go every Wednesday).

    I understand what you say about the battery farming.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  19. Your new doll is sooo beautiful! ♥
    Merry Christmas!!!


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