Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Merry Christmas ~

This is my mum and dad, a long time ago! Tee hee ~ what's with the Christmas Tree eh?
I love you mum and dad, even if I am giggling at your tree!
Since I've just embarrassed my parents (and insulted their tree, no less) I may as well ambarrass me and my big sister...Love you too Kazzy.

Hope everyone has a lovely time.  See ya'll in the New Year X


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Abi! :) I'm grateful for your gift of friendship this year and look forward to sharing more with you in the coming year! Theresa PS Your parents' tree is so cute! Charlie Brown would love it!

  2. Dear Abi, such sweet old photos! You look a lot like one of my little FaeWees! so cute! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Abi, can't wait to see what the new years brings! xoxox Christel

  3. Hhahah...I have my funny Christmas photo at the very bottom of my Tea and Scones blog... check that one out sometime.

    Merry Christmas Abi... here's to a healthy and happy New Year for us all!!

    oh...yeh... and lots of doll stuff too.... maybe I'll even finish my paper clay gal I began all those months ago.. yep..I SHALL!

  4. aaw, Merry Christmas to you too!!! & oh my goodness gracious your new dolls are too precious!!! sending so much loveliness

  5. merry Christmas to you both ...
    i just love those old even the scrawny tree(it is so lovable) girls actually say that they wished i had kept some of those clothes..they would be so in now..retro girls ....
    loving your blog and the contact and the emails we have exchanged in 2010...hope to continue in the 2011...

  6. Merry Holidays Abi...

    Love that Charlie Brown Christmas tree.


  7. Popping by to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

    Thank you so much for your friendship and all your wonderful posts you share with all!


  8. Abi! I just got home but I wanted to stop by a wish you a Merry Christmas (even though it's about over!) I hope you had a WONDERFULLY happy day.
    I hope Santa brought you everything that your heart desired! You deserve the best! I know that you're name was on the "good" list!
    You're such an angel, rescuing all the furry little ones!
    XOXO - Cindi

  9. Pissing myself laughing at THE TREE!!!!! I LOVE it!!! Your parents look so happy and the tree looks so forelorn. The old photo, the's all very engaging and gives me good Christmas Vibes ;)


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