Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our new puppy!  yep, another one.  He makes dog number 8, because some freakin idiot decided it would be much better for them to 'dump' on someone elses' property.  Well, in this case, they chose the right property, but come on!  my patience are wearing thin. 
If I ever get to meet the ***** that dump animals, god help them. At least he wasn't beaten.  (my temper is very rare, but when it's let out, duck)

Jesse named him Bernard!  I think it suits him very well.  Out of curiosity, I just googled the meaning of Bernard.. according to 'think baby names' (first site I opened)  ~Strong, Brave, Bear.  Well he was all these things, considering he was in the field of 2 horses and 1 donkey who is renowned for kicking the butt of any intruder.
In fact, our biggest dog Bear (no less) fathers him, and protects him from Lester and Llano, who aren't so keen on new team members for the first few days. If Lester starts growling at Bernard, Bear runs over and puts himself infront of Bernard and guards him, until he deems it safe.  I have never known Bear do this before...

'alright dad, you can protect me' :O)

So, my question is, what breed is he, and how old do you think he is?  I have no clue on this one!  He LOVES water....he sits in the water bowl and plays.
Bear watching the puppies play... just in case :O)

On another note... look what I received in the post this morning...

They were a gift from Christina  She was wondering what she could do with these in her art of doll making.. I was cheeky and said give them to me! so she sent me some, all the way from Sweden.... how lovely was that...
Thank you Christina... I love them!  Christina isn't selling anything right now, but her Etsy link is here.

Finally, I bought this gorgeous print from Paola
This is the first picture I have  matted and framed for myself.  It's great to work on other peoples art, but I had more fun making my own (thanks to Michaels... I did do it in my lunch break!)  to all those other certified framers, yes, I know the frame is oversized for the piece, and the matts are undersized for the frame, but that is what I wanted.  Rules are made to be broken :O)

visit Paola's Etsy shop here  I want to buy everything!!!


  1. Oh. My. Word! what a cute puppy!
    he has the ears of a Lab, that much is for sure. lol- the right eye of a Staffordshire terrier and the CUTEST heart shaped nose! what a love! and such gentle eyes! He is blessed to have "found" you!
    *if you ever run into the bleeeeep that dumps animals- feel free to call for back-up!*
    he is def. a Bernard! love it!

  2. i think you can wear all of the gold crowns for being so queenly in your love and care of animals.

    too sweet, you and all your babies.


  3. Bernard is fantastic! I could kiss that cute face and how sweet that he is protected by the other dog:)

    And your print is gorgeous.

  4. Abi he is gorgeous, I would just love to cuddle him up!
    Tina xo

  5. O Abi, the new puppy is just adorable! reminds me my dog when he was arround 3 moths old. I gues this is his age, you can also see his teeth - if they are not changed yet - he is no older than 4 month.
    Lucky little thing. It is so wonderfull that there are people like you in this world!
    I am sure he will drow into a friendly and smart dog :)

  6. Bernard is wonderful, he is so lucky he met you...

    I love your Paola´s print, her paintings and dolls are amazing.

  7. What an adorable new family member! He looks both lovable and loving.

  8. what a cute dog, makes you want to hug him and hug him, I want a dog so bad LOL
    I have know clue what he is, but he is cuteeeeee!!!!!

  9. I'm not good with dog breeds, but he sure is a cutie. And how sweet that your big dog is watching over him (my dog does that with one of our cats :)).

  10. Bernard is the perfect name for this adorable little guy! Love the pics you have posted of him and of Bear.

    Those crowns are really cool Abi and I really like Paoli's artwork too.

    Cool items!

    Have a fabulous weekend.


  11. Bernard is a sweetie, have no idea what brand of dog he is though... except lucky of course!

  12. You are so beautiful woman, professional artist, good person! You have so much forces and feel to give a lot of love, tender and time for dogs and cats. I admire to you. I also dream have dog...may be in at once we'll have house...because at flat possible to have only cat:-)

  13. Oh Abi! I love your growing menagerie. Bernard is so cute. I will be a dog owner vicariously through you.

    The crowns are way cool and I can't wait to see what you do with them. As far as the frame being too big, I don't think so. I've seen pieces in museums framed like that. Besides, it's yours.

    If it's not a secret, what kind of clay do you use for your dollies? Do you do a lot of sanding? What size brush do you use to do your wonderful paint jobs?

  14. What a sweet puppy - I know what you mean about meeting the &*(&^(* who dumps animals. Bernard is quite a lucky boy finding you and having Bear mentor will be fun to hear how he grows in his first year with you.


  15. Oh Lord Abi, he's just toooo his sitting posture and your old man bear is being a fab daddy!! If he likes water, he's probably got some Lab or some type of water hunting breed in him. Labs are wonderful brother has 2 and they are just as sweet as they can be and so loyal and wonderful with children.

    I don't understand people who just drop off animals and assume someone will find them and give them a home or just don't care what happens to them. You can't always be sure they'll be found by someone as wonderful as you and your fam.

    I once pulled over the shoulder on the Interstate to save 2 little pups who were huddled at an exit. I almost caused a wreck, but I had to help them. The were so little and helpless and so scared. I took them to the animal rescue shelter and as I was handing them to one of the volunteers, another one came into the kennel and adopted them right on the spot. She named one "10," for Interstate 10 and "Schuster," for the exit. Loved it!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Well done Abi, you will turn into a bony fido (LOL) rescue centre soon. Bernard is wonderful, he is a bit like my Chops - a cross between abeagle and a springer. I will email you a pic.
    Love Sally

  17. Felicidades por tu arte y tus ideas magníficas!!
    Me hago tu seguidora y con tu permiso te enlazo en mi blog
    Hugs from Barcelona-Spain

  18. What a darling puppy Abi... I cannot tolerate animal abuse ~ That person would not only have to duck but run for their lives!

    As for his breed... I'm not so sure. And I love that Bear watches out for him~ blessed Bear.

    I love those golden crowns!!!

    Have a Great week-end with all your animals!

  19. Oh he is a beautiful puppy! Such a sweet face. He may have some Lab in him since he likes the water so much. Whatever he is he sure is sweet. And Bear is so sweet to be his protector. Your house must be known for taking in animals. I can't believe you've had so many dropped off on your property. What's wrong with the dumb asssss around there? Some people just don't have any business with a pet because they don't have the heart for it. Thank goodness you do.

  20. Definitely has Lab ears and his black and white markings remind me of a Border Collie but his body shape doesn't look Border Collie-ish. Maybe Staff Terrier like Whisperings 13 said. But he also looks like he might be quite short legged? What might that indicate? Maybe that is just the photo, he sure doesn't look Corgi or Bassett or anything like that. Good luck and you are blessed to be gifted with these dogs. I used to have 8 dogs but alas am down to only one good boy right now.

  21. Aww you are making me want another puppy now that mine is getting bigger. LOL! He is a cutie! I love the crowns and the print. I will have to check her Etsy site. :)

  22. Bernad, vilken bedårande varelse, honom vill man ju äta upp, gud såååå söt han var!!! Mari.

  23. ..sorry, I forgot, and wrote in Swedish.Bernard is so insanely cute, totally sweet ...

  24. Bernard is adorable! And where can I find a crown like that??


  25. Hi Abi, he is just adorable and so lucky to be in your loving home. You certainly deserve the crowns!

    I love how you framed Paola's print, I think it's perfect. I love all her work, I was fortunate enough to win a orig. little portrait in the OWOH event from her.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Evelyn :o)

  26. Ja, det makes verkligen senses: ) : )

    Puss på nosen till lille godingen Bernard, hoppas ni får en trevlig midsommar, fast du inte är i Sverige! Mari.

  27. How wonderful for that cute puppy that those morons who dumped him ..left him at the right property.... he has labrador in him and maybe some border collie...but he will be a beautiful dog that is for sure... i admire you for giving him a home where he will be a much loved memeber especially with other members of the the canine family to play with....

  28. good morning lover of the animal kingdom unlike no other!

    come join us in a haiku my heart friday,
    so far the topic of animals has not been taken!


  29. So sweet, & cuddly, Happiness is a Puppy. Lindax

  30. What a cute puppy! He looks a lot like a custom golf club cover I did. I'll have to check to see what kind of the customer's Roxy was. I cna't beleive people would dump sucha precious thing! or any pet for that matter! You are wonderful!!

  31. Oh, thanks Abi for your kind words and links to my sites.
    It is really great what you do for those animals..
    Here we got 4 lost cats, no room for more :-)
    Oh and one dog.. But him we bought.

    I hope you get enough money (when is it really enough) for all those dogs.
    hugs to you


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