Monday, June 14, 2010

Mad tea party and doll giveaway raffle.......

I've neglected my blog and my blogland friends lately, but now I'm on a roll.... A Fanciful Twists annual Mad Tea Party is on the agenda.... 26th June to be precise.  So, I thought I would combine this with my two doll giveaway/raffle.  The two dolls I am going to make will be going to their....
very own Fairgound Carousal Tea party.  Each doll will have their very own carousel horse as part of the raffle.
I thought it was rather apt, considering the money raised will be going to our local animal shelter.  
I'll be adding raffle tickets to my Etsy shop, and maybe a paypal button on my blog, if I can figure that out!  If this isn't legal, I will see what our animal shelter can come up with!

The chance to win one of two dolls, each with a carousel horse, will cost just $2.... all of which will go to the shelter.
Watch this space folks...I'm counting on you all :O)

Texas raffle laws... what a blooming nightmare!   ok, latest plan is ~ I shall make some ACEO cards (Art Cards Editions and Originals) mini artist trading cards, and sell those instead... each card will be numbered and those numbers will go into the draw.  I will even send them out, so you will not only get chance to win one of two dolls, each with a carousel horse, you'll actually receive a trading card.  The card will be an image from the fairground carousel mad tea party.  (better get practicing the camera skills eh!)

How's that grab ya?


  1. this is wonderful! a perfect way to have a huge audience to help your animal shelter. i too would be happy to post about this on my blog.

    you are a generous soul.

  2. Carousel horse... oh... This is going to be awesome, Abi!

  3. Super idea, looking forward taking part!

  4. Great initiative!!

  5. I just feel so serene when I come here. Your art dolls are so beautiful and make me feel at ease. They give such sweet wisdom with their eyes and there is serene whimsy. Which you just don't see enough. I am ever so glad you create such beauty and I am going to go refresh my lemonade and sit and catch up on all the beauty. Blessings dear one.

  6. That grabs me just fine Abi!
    I'll be looking for the next update~

  7. awww...what a damn nuisance rules and laws can be time.... shhhhhhh...just tell us quietly to send you a $2 donation or a pledge or something.... like everybody does when they want folks to back them for a walk or a run or whatever it is they are doing for charity... nobody seems to care a fig then.... and then... put names in a pile and get a dog or a cat or a husand to pick one..... the winner gets a doll and by that time it hopefully will garner as much or more than you hope for...

  8. What a great way to donate to your local shelter. I live in Texas too and a lot of our laws are crazy lol. The Mad Tea Party sounds like so much fun!!

  9. Oh, how dreadful! They do "Don't Mess with Texas" but how sad. I would have loved to see what you came up with for the shelter.

  10. East Texas, about 60 miles SE of Dallas.

  11. You can count on me for the raffle.
    I hope I won't forget...

  12. i was thunder struck (5)
    such wondrous simplicity, (7)
    haiku on fridays! (5)

    come see...
    come play!


  13. Love your blog and your artwork, I'm adding a link to you on my blog. Thanks for sharing.


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