Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ART DOLL GIVEAWAY with a twist...

Raising money for Abilene's Rescue The Animals.

For legal reasons, the format has altered ( see previous post)   Every purchase of an ACEO (Art Card Editions & Originals) as shown above, will  have a unique number (1/500)  every ACEO purchased will give you the opportunity to be given one of the above two dolls and their carousel horses. 

The cost of the ACEO is $2.00  
The more you purchase, the greater chance you have of having the 'giveaway' number!!!!

The giveaway will be finalized on 10th July, however, if Rescue The Animals are able to identify the number, the date may need to change.. (TBC)

I will be sending ACEO's to every previous and new buyer. 

100% of the money raised will be going to Rescue The Animals of Abilene.  I am paying for the listing fees, paypal fees, postage, and of course, I handmade the dolls, and 'altered arted' the horses!!!



You can buy AECO's here: ETSY
or here: EBAY
or there is a button top right of my blog!

Please help me raise money for my local Rescue The Animals... it's just $2 for an AECO card, and look what you could be yours!!!

For more images, check out my Flickr page.



  1. What a bloody pain in the ass for you to have to jump through all the damn hoops just to help the animals!! It's a crying shame! No wonder people tend to do so's just too much hassle!

    My lady (Sheila) that I support .. the one who rescues donkeys .. just bought a pregnant one that is terribly foundered... at the meat auction.... oh, the stories are just so horrible..... I hate it, hate it, hate it!! How can people be so cruel? .....

  2. Oh V.. the poor donkey. It absolutely breaks my heart. I hate it too. Why does this happen? I hate human beings for what they can do, I just do not get it. I wish I could do more.
    The next doll I sell, the money is going straight to the donkey... still have Sheila's address, and my check book has finally arrived... yeah!!

  3. Oops, should have posted that on your wall.. no good putting it here.. you may not read it! re-posted :O)

  4. I'm so glad to help you Abi...

    It's so hard to hear of all the terrible stories of the shelters!

    I will try to purchase more raffle tickets next week... even if I don't win I at least I know my money goes to a very good cause~
    p.s. your doodles went out this morning!

  5. Great dolls Abi, good luck with the fundraising. We have had rescue dogs and know how much is needed. You are doing a great job in helping. love Sally

  6. Hi Abi,thank you for stopping by. I am not familiar with your blog and work but the little I saw , I liked it so very much. I will go read your posts as soon I leave you this note.Smiles,Pat

  7. I just purchased an ACEO from your eBay. I can't believe all the headaches you have to go through just to raise money for a good cause! Hang in there!

  8. Abi, these dolls are so gorgeous and what you are doing is wonderful!

    I just went to purchase a couple of tickets from your Etsy shop, changed the quantity number, but then when I confirmed payment it was only for one. Not sure what I did wrong - I'll go back later and purchase a couple of more. Glad for the opportunity to help out and also the chance to win one of your beautiful

    My wrist is getting a lot better - thank you for asking!



  9. I also had problems with the quantity but the second time around it worked fine. I think it is great that you are using your talent in such a great way, Abi!


  10. you amaze me. thank you for this brilliant giveaway w/a twist.

  11. Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting me, and contributing.. I can not tell you how thrilled I am!
    I just a doll too.. so her funds will be going to the Donkey Sanctuary as promised.

    Thanks everyone :O)

  12. Wow! Both are so beautiful...I love, love your work. These girls and their horses are wonderful!

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