Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toot Toot, back online....

Soooo much catching up to do... shall take a while!  the move went well, although three of my kitties have gone missing, I hope they return soon.  Worries the pants off me. 
The house is not to my taste at all ~ 1981 single level, (bungalow as we call them in old Blighty) with lime green and citrus orange walls... eek.  The best bit is the acerage and the sun room, which is going to be perfect for doll making mess. 
Since this was the only house for sale with land, we had no choice.  It's a far cry from my love of converted barns, and Victorian houses, but I think I kinda like it.

Onray loving the empty boxes

Front porch, and first paddock

Stella and Jeffrey

Huge sun room for art doll creations..

Front of house, showing Jesse's workshop, which he is totally chuffed with!

keep finding these cuties everywhere!

Top end of land - the grass is lovely and green where it was cut for hay in the distance

Side view, uncut grass!

Rosie Boy and weeds


Onray's fine about the lime green in one of the guest bedrooms (better do something about that before we have guests! nothing against lime green, but it's not particularly restful!)

Must take some more photos, and some of the dogs - Bernard the Great Dane X puppy?  huge - he knocked me flying the other day - I swear he is heavier than me now!!

Will spend some time catching up with everyone later....


  1. You've got beautiful cats!And my cats love boxes too!!!

  2. Glad you are back online, Hey, a little paint will do wonders, can't imagine what people are thinking when they paint those colors EEKKK
    I have lived in a bungalow for awhile in Chgo, sort of live in a newer version of one now, I have a sun-porch too, that is where my studio is
    Well, it looks lovely and pretty where you are, hope all your pet transition well
    I'm off to Chicago

  3. Oh Abi...welcome back!!! Looks like the critters, both domesticated and wildlife (tortoises)look right at home. As for the orange and green, well, my dear, it would keep the dead awake!! LOL

    Don't forget to breath and enjoy while moving into your knew'll get there.


  4. wow Abi... your own animal kingdom! so much land !... you and the animal will love the peace and tranquility :-)... looking forward to seeing the changes you make to your house ... with your taste and artistic talent ... can't wait to see :-)
    Steph xx

  5. It looks great even the lime-green wall. Lots of luck!!

  6. Beautiful New pad Abi! Nice to see where you are now and that sunroom is truly blessed to have you creating such magic in it soon. Still interested in your nutcracker girl if you still have her?

  7. Congratulations on your new home! Your cats obviously feel good there and that is a good sign, isn't it? I like the big sunny room and am sure you'll make it cosy for creating your wonderful dolls!

  8. oh, good you're there .... the sunny room will be great for creating! Hope the kitties come's always tough for them to move...but, you look to be the only place around for might come back for food.... hopefully....

  9. oh, and...the turtles or tortoises.... every time you go somewhere in a car... do check under the car and especially in the shadows of the wheels.....they love to crawl under there and then.... it is horrible to drive over one.... ick.... just saying... a checking habit is best..

  10. I'm so happy to see a post from you! You've been missed!
    I hope your kitties come home soon, I'm sure they will, probably just out exploring!
    Love the sun room! I wish I had one...AND the land!
    I can't hardly wait to see new pics of Bernard!
    I hate to admit this but...that's the color of MY bedroom. I thought it was a good idea at the time but it's driving me crazy! I'm thinking grey or maybe a cocoa brown with white trim for mine!
    XOXO - Cindi

  11. Glad you're back online. I do hope the kitties come back. What is it with boxes and cats? Mine like them too.

  12. Nice to see you again! I hope your kittens will come back soon.
    Good luck for redecorating the place and making it yours. I thing the place looks stunning!

  13. So you were off line for some time,and I didn't even notice, because i wasn't there too!!!
    Well,i wish you and your family very happy times in your new home!
    Get some paint and make it yours! lol!

    Are the kitties back yet? ow dear, i hope you'll find them!

    (PS: i finally found a solution for my sites..all go in one brand new blogsite is on !)


  14. I really like what I saw so far Abi and a little paint can change the whole world...:)
    Hope the kitties come home soon (I am sure they will once their curiosity is sated).
    Have a fine holiday weekend!
    Tina xo

  15. Your place looks great! Get out the primer and get rid of that Green. Hope you find your kitties soon. Cats can get lost so you may want to really get out there and search for them. Well, you probably already have...I just worry too.

  16. How wonderful to be able to take over a new space and make it entirely yours! Love a fresh start :D

  17. Welcome back! :)I am glad the move went well. Oh I think you will turn your house in a home soon. :) Can't wait to see what you do to change things. :)

  18. my cats love boxes too !love that pic :0)
    It looks like a great place to live Abi, for the animals too. I really hope your missing cats find their way back to you soon
    julie xx

  19. hello my love!!!
    welcome back here and to your new digs. that sun room looks GREAT!
    still wishing we lived closer, imagine what we could get up to!

    sending kitty guardian angels...for a timely return to the new nest.

    missed you!

  20. Good to see you again, Abi! I hope the kitties come back home and that you will find the time to get your home to your specs. And I cannot imagine living with an orange room; green, yes, but not orange!

  21. Happy you had a successful move. And you know what? Paint and wallpaper can make amazing changes. I remember when looking at the house we live in and thinking "pink walls with polka dot curtains?" Looks like all the furry babies are enjoying their new locale, as well. Hope you will make a lot of magical memories here. Theresa

  22. Welcome back! Moving is always stressful. But how exciting to recreate a new little nest for your husband and yourself. The critters seem to like it too. Good luck. I hope your new abode sends some creative juices your way and we get to see your lovely dolls soon.

  23. Glad to see you back Abi. Thanks for posting all the pics. Even though your house isn't quite what you want, it looks great and I love all the land around it. Love seeing all your four legged family members too.

    I have a cute video about cat-in-a-box on my last blog post. Seeing your cat made me laugh.



  24. Lovely pictures, it all looks so lovely. I desperately hope the kitties come home soon.x

  25. So glad to have you back. Sorry to hear about your missing cats. My sisters went missing when they moved and they found her two weeks later. Someone called when they found her in their warehouse. Thankfully she still had her tag on. She was awfully thin and scared though. She's back to normal now but doesn't stray far.

    Have fun setting up your nw space!

  26. Hi Abi!!! Wow how far are your nearest neighbors? I'm not surprised the kittens have gone walk about...have they found their way home yet? All that land looks fantastic...and the sun room..EXCELLENT!

  27. I think with that land I would take whatever house came with it myself. It's beautiful! Just think of all the amazing things you will be able to do with it. I do hope you find your cats Abi. Much luck. Xoxo

  28. A new home for family and menagerie! The menagerie look to be adjusting quite well. Congratulations!


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