Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ Shop Updates ~

Hey guys.... lot's of lovely people have been asking where my new dolls are, and why aren't they for sale? well, I haven't made any yet! I am sooooo desperate to start, but still knee deep in organizing our new home. I discovered I can not multi-task, at all.
I can't keep track of who wants to be notified, so I have set up a new account where you can leave me a note, if you want info on shop updates. The email is ~
This will be much easier for me to manage!
Is anyone else having Blogger trouble? since the upgrade, I've been downgraded! I can't leave messages on other blogs, can't stay 'signed in' and have to revert to the old editor to access images.... it is frustrating the pants off me! I feel bad because I've not replied to any messages... perhaps if I stay in the 'old editor' mode, I will not have issues? ~*
The new book a collaboration between Elinor Peace Bailey, Patti Medaris Culea and Barbara Willis is on the book shelves....These books are on their way to England for my mum and sister.
Last year Patti asked me to make a doll to be shown in the Gallery section of her chapter.... It was only my fifth cloth doll... and you can tell! Oh how I wish it was an image of one of my recent dolls!!
But, I'm not complaining - it was a real honour to be asked by not only my favourite cloth doll maker, but a 'doll master' at that!  Thanks Patti, you are wonderful :O)


  1. Dear Abi, I too have had some problems with leaving messages...ggrrr it's beyond frustrating some days. What an honor to be included in Pattis chapter! you certainly are deserving, your dolls are beautiful!!! Hope the house is near completion, as we Abi addicts are having withdrawls Peace and blessings, Christel

  2. Oh another Hutson above me ! how strange that is?
    Anyway Abi, nice to have you back and good luck in your new home. You'll get sorted soon and then start doll making again. How wonderful to be in a Patti book. well done Abi.

  3. Oh a book for me...thats brilliant Thanks abi..I'll send you a copy of the scrapbook magazine once my L/O's are published, then we'll be quits!! LOL Karen x

  4. I haven't been having many problems Abi at least as I can tell... I'm still in NYC!

    So how are you liking your new home? Are you all (animals esp.) getting used to the new place? I bet you are knee deep in getting things situated!

    When I get back I'll email you to be put on notice of your new dolls ... why? Because I LOVE your dolls : )


  5. I am sorry to hear you're having issues with the "new" Blogger. I sometimes have a hard time logging in and often have to just type in the blogger dashboard to get in. Argh!!! I wish I had some easy answers for you - hope you're able to visit folks soon. :) And I do always look forward to your doll updates. I'll have to sign up for that email update! :) Theresa

  6. Yeah! I've already got my copy of the book. How exciting to have one of your dolls in the gallery. I think it's a beautiful doll and as soon as you can you should post BIG PICS of her here on your blog. It's always easier to pack than to unpack. I'm still unpacking after 5 years in my house. We just need more storage space. Shelves, etc. Blogger is a pain sometimes. I hope your problem gets resolved soon.

  7. What an honor to be in this new collaboration--I must get a copy!

    I've been having all kinds of computer difficulties lately, from problems with email to blogs not showing up on my Google Reader. Sun spots? :)

  8. I can't wait to get the book and see! Good luck on blogger, I haven't noticed any trouble but then I don't do anything exciting like your blog! I'm looking forward to the new dolls as well!

  9. Wanted to thank you for stopping by my Halloween party (I do hope you enjoyed my witch hats!); I discovered you through Vania and am delighted by your creations :D

  10. I had problems when they first upgraded for approx. 2 days, however things seem to be okay now. That is wonderful Abi about being in the book!



  11. dear one,
    i have been away too....
    home now for one week. hoping to catch up with my blog family.
    sending you love and happy organizing.


  12. Take your time Abi!
    I know the next dolls zill befqbulous qs usual once you have your little corner.
    Have kept the old blogger page so am Okish...a lot of people have issues though. :-S

  13. Congrats on being published, your dolls are beautiful as always.Your beautiful cat Florence looks exactly like my cat Chloe that passed away last month.


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