Friday, July 23, 2010

Haiku My Heart....

Oh yes, it's Haiku my Heart Friday with the lovely Rebecca

She sits inspecting
emanating innocent
beauty I admire

Meet Fay, my eldest niece.  What I was attempting to say is that she is beautiful inside and out, and I don't think she realises :O) 


Bernard is growing... alot.  I still don't know what he will turn in to.  He still loves Bear.  He also loves Roam..... alot

Roam has settled in very well, and tolerates Bernard.... alot.  They play all the time. 

They also play with Badger... alot. She was just about to pounce on them in this photo.

Stella, loves the new chair I just bought. I love it because it was an absolute bargain, it looks brand new - cost $95 from my all time favourite antique/junk shop. It's an Ethan Allen chair, a new one would set you back $1200. Don't you just love a bargain? (just for the record, this chair is neither antique nor junk... so it was somewhat misplaced!
Not sure my husband will love it quite so much, pink isn't really his colour. I guess it will be going in my new workroom (studio, if I were to be posh) when we move :O)


  1. abi....i love your haiku.
    truly...and your niece. very touching and i hope you have shared it with her.

    all that and meeting your clan! WOW that is a large extended family. that seems to get along swimmingly!

    thanks abi....

    you have the biggest heart!!!

  2. I also hope your niece gets to see what her Aunt thinks about her:-) Such beautiful dogs- and wonderful photographs! What fun!

  3. I´m sure that Rebecca will love the lovely haiku.
    I love the photos of your wonderful dogs. Have a great weekend!

  4. yours dogs are so funny! specially Bernard! It's a real happiness have so much animals near!

  5. Your Haiku said exactly what you intended.
    The dogs! We have one, that's all I'll allow. It's all I can handle!
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.


  6. That picture of Bernard on top of Roam -- the best! hw sweet.

  7. Lovely Fay - she appears to be of the Fae! The haiku us perfect!

    Great pictures of your pups and bargain chair!


  8. great pics thanks for sharing, i wish I could have a dog too!
    finally adopted a peachy tiger from the shelter, she is so sweet, my other cat is hissing and hiding, and my husband is mad I brought home another cat, I suppose a pink chair would have been better LOL
    I love my new kitty

  9. Great photos and poem Abi! Your niece is gorgeous and the pose just captures the feeling of the moment. I love black/white photos I find they have something poignant about them.
    The dogs are too sweet, but then as you know I adore animals so I zeroed in on those pics right away!
    Have a great Friday Abi...
    Tina xo

  10. Beautiful girl indeed, and a perfect photo of her inspecting. Nice niece haiku!

  11. your niece is so beautiful....too bad that when we are so young, we are so critical of ourselves.
    and about Bernard...aaaah, I don't want to scare you BUT...Blue looked like that when he was little!!!!
    LOL! and now he's 164 lbs!
    But he's the sweetest 164lbs!
    Love this post!
    XOXO - Cindi

  12. Oh how precious your puppies are. Also, love the haiku...need to write a haiku one of these days...something I did a lot when I was in high school and that's been a l-o-n-g time!! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend with your honey and babies!


  13. How SWEET, your Haiku, niece and those doggies! I LOVE them, wish I could pet each and every one of them! Beauty Full French antiques and chair! EnJOY!!!

  14. Your haiku could have been written about my daughters.

  15. The sofa is just gorgeous!
    Love love love the dogs. Miss my own pets sometimes but try not to think too much about it. All the dogs I have had were from rescue centers.I truly admire the time and dedication you have for your adorable furry friends.

    You know what? I just realised I haven't put a link to your blog on mine...naughty!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  16. You very aptly conveyed your meaning in your words, and your lovely photograph captures it all. Beautifully done!

    Love all the pooches - what a bunch of fun. And that chair is fabulous. :)


  17. How beautiful, the haiku, the pictures,your words!

  18. The haiku is just beautiful - it aptly describes her niece. Lovely pup photos - they are all so adorable. Happy to see they get along! Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  19. Beautiful niece, touching haiku. Roam has the most adorable puppy face! And the antique store looks like heaven to me. I think I could roam there quite happily.

  20. Oh Abi your niece is beautiful...

    I just love seeing all your beautiful animals!!! Do you have any cats?

    Again I'll say it here, I love love love my beautiful Gothic doll!!!!!!
    Hugs Pattee

    PS Thank you so much for your nice comment about my doll being part of the show... never in a million years!

  21. What a lovely picture of your niece-she is beautiful! The haiku is great.
    I love all your dog photos too-all so sweet!

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  23. I see loveliness runs in your family, your niece is quite beautiful. Love the photo of one dog hugging the other! How cute is that.

  24. Beautiful, beautiful photo's Abi. Love the chair too. :)

  25. Hi Abi,
    Bernard is so cute! Sometimes I get a big yearning for a puppy. But I think Lucy is all we can handle right now. Have I ever told you how much I love the hair on your dolls? I'd love to know how you do it. Have you ever thought of doing a tutorial?

  26. your niece is absolutely gorgeous...and the "little people" are too... my how that little black boy has grown.... you can tell they are LOVED... they are all smiling and contented...

  27. Delightful things going on in your blog space, nice photos of your dogs at play and that chair was a lucky find.

  28. Soo sweet... you have so much love swirling around you. Beautiful. Sending you blessings dear one.


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