Tuesday, July 6, 2010


To ~ all you lovely, kind, caring folk out there who have bought ACEO's (tickets) for my art doll giveaway to raise funds for our local 'Rescue The Animals'.....

 You will be getting an ACEO (ticket) in the mail.  I am making them as fast as I can, and my little helper Texas here, keeps slacking on me :O)  

I will also email the number/s to you, so you have them in time for the giveaway finale!

I still need to confirm where, when and how this will happen, but I'll let you know shortly.

After I took the photo of him slacking...he moved to a more comfortable location... taking with him this ACEO, so whoever has the card with teeth marks on it.. you know who the culprit is :O)

For more details on the giveaway event.. check out all the posts below......
Cheers everyone!!
Thanking you for your support....


  1. hahahha.... poor little Tex...... what a sweetie...isn't it great to have a little helper>? ... and so pooped out from working so hard. I would be very happy to take the one with teeth marks on it Abi..... not a problem at all.....

  2. He is just so cute, I hope I get the teeth marks HEHEHE
    Have a great day

  3. What a sweet little kitty is he!!!
    I'm with Kaerie and Bubble Vee I'd like one with teeth please!!! : )
    Have a beautiful day today Abi~

  4. What a beautiful kitty! How do you get any work done with such a cutie around! I'd also be chuffed to have the teeth marked card!

  5. Texas is just too cute Abi! I mentioned this giveaway in my last blog post - hope it helps.



  6. Ah Texas is so sweet. My (much bigger than Texas) kitten Cassie loves to chew things!

  7. What an adorable assistant! I hope the giveaway is going well for you. :) There are a lot of sweet animals who are going to be very happy from it. Theresa

  8. Oh my gosh! Your dolls are incredible!! You are so talented! And I'm pretty impressed by how many cats and dogs you have! Texas is way cute! Thanks for visiting. xx


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