Sunday, May 23, 2010

Badger, dolls and more dolls....

Baby Badger is doing good... she is such a sweetheart.

Along with some other dollmakers/artists, I have been invited to attend an Art Doll and Doll House Exhibition in Dubai.  It's a wonderful opportunity, and my only challenge is to make 30 dolls in 6 weeks (make that 25 dolls in 5 weeks!)  here are my first 5, actually 4, (one still needs arms!)...





The lass on the right still needs a bit of work!

DOLL RAFFLE ~ I will be doing it, but will wait until after the show in July.  I want to dedicate as much time to both.  Thank you to everyone who has responded..will keep you updated!  If I don't sell any of the dolls at the show... at least folk have 30 to choose from!! tee hee

Paula's doll is adorable... Sally added her hair and hat, Nancy made her lacey undergarments, and I made her pinafore dress.  She is going to be hard to part with tomorrow!

And lastly, I will get around to visiting everyone's blogs... just been a bit occupied with doll making! I'm sorry!!


  1. You're off to a great start. Love Steampunk nd her cool glasses.

  2. Badger is so cute...just want to snuggle with him I bet....
    Girl, I can't believe you are going to make so many dolls in such a short period of time....You are something else. by the way, they are wonderful...
    Do you mind me asking what you make the faces out of? There's just adorable....

  3. What kind of dog is Badger? He is so sweet looking!

    I love your 5 dolls you have for the show. What a privilege and you so deserve to be in that show. You are a wonderful artist! These dolls are fabulous!

    I did the traveling art doll the first time around and there was one doll (I won't say who) that she almost had to be ripped out of my hands to go to the next doll artist!
    I wanted her so!

    This doll is very sweet and I love the black nose...

    Have a good Monday!

  4. Love Badger!
    Congratulations for being invited to that show. I can imagine the big effort that you are making, I´m sure you´ll have a great feedback because your wonderful dolls deserve it.
    Good luck! And thanks for finding the time to share it with us!

  5. Hi dear, just want to tell you, that I so love your dolls,-that Steampunk is gorgeus, and so is the sweet trawelling doll, what a face, :)

    xo, Dorthe

  6. Badger might be the cutest puppy ever, bless her :o)

    25 dolls in 5 weeks! Go girl!!!

    Yve x

  7. Good luck to the exhibition Abi !
    Your dolls are unique !

  8. wishing you endless inspiration and energy!!!

    now back to the doll making and puppy petting!


  9. Abi, I love them all, how exciting - an exhibition! You have inspired me, 25 dolls in five weeks, makes me anxious to think about it. I will be praying for you, that your creativity will flow from spiritual,
    emotional and physical energy.

  10. Love your dolls Abi -- all of them! And Baby Badger too! :)
    xoxo Mollie

  11. Congrats so deserve to go to that show. You are amazingly talented. Oh Paula's doll looks so wonderful.


  12. Congrats on going to Dubai. How wonderful. 25 dolls in 5 weeks. I know if you can do it, I can do it too. I have a huge show coming up in Oct, so we'll both be dollmaking cretive mad women.

    Have a blast!

  13. Ms. Abi,
    I think that your dolls are the most beautiful art form. They are so very delicate looking and the details are amazing.
    I was so inspired to try making my own paperclay doll, if you have the time to check it out, I have pics on my blog.
    Your puppy is adorable ♥

  14. Congratulations! It is funny how you keep so busy in what seems in a-far-off-place in Texas--and I am in Central Texas!

    Your dolls take my breath away. I just regret that people in Dubai will be able to see them in person and I will not be among them!

    Congratulations again, and I wish you many relaxed and inspiring days ahead.

  15. Oh Abi I love baby Badger she is sooooo cute! What a love!

  16. Wow, what a lot of work ahead of you!!! Best of luck.

    Badger is adorable, I'm so in need of a puppy :)

  17. Hi Abi. Yes two blogs! The reason being that Retreat is where I can be myself. I've kept it hidden from my facebook friends and people at work. I've made it visible just for a couple of days so that people I really want to read it can find it. I don't like posting links on other blogs as that seems a bit rude, so I've left comments for people and hope they find me :)

  18. Badger is so cute! What a sweet little baby. I love puppies. And your dolls are amazing. I can't decide which I like best. Steampunk is cool with her glasses.

  19. you're so welcome!!! thankyou for your dear words!!! im glad they got there safe!!! im also worried because i couldnt remember attaching the back of the journal{i usually put a piece of watercolour cardboard there for the texture & the artistic possibility} & i've been fretting about that!!! but im really grateful for your kindness!!! & i hope it is there!!! loveliest of thoughts
    p.s your dolls are an absolute bundle of joy!!! so vast a study of styles & so perfectly put together!!! i always gravitate towards the pink ones but how can you choose just one!!! im sure they'll all race out the door!!! hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! & thanks again!!!

  20. How exciting, You are off to a flying start, they are all fabulous. Linda:)

  21. she is so full of sad and forlorn..i just wanted to hug her better....


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