Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's Treasury & some worry....

Gosh, I'm doing my nut, one of may cats hasn't come home from her nightly wander, and I'm starting to freak out. She normally comes when I call her, and although she has 40 acres of wildneress to play in, she's usually back by now - it is really windy, so maybe she can't hear me, but she does normally come home for some food by now.... worry worry worry... Panic over, she just came home, wondering what all my fuss was about I expect.... :O) I'm so stupid!
Please check out these wonderful artists.... It's called 'I dove it again'. Should have put I've (to have been grammatically correct) but I'm sure people won't be too offended!


  1. Don't worry if it's windy, you know how crazy cat's get with the wind, it's like all their looney instincts come on full alert. Hope she comes home soon :o)

  2. Im glad the worry is the treasury.

    Love is a roller coaster either human or pet.

    xoxo S

  3. Oh wow! You had me so scared about your kitty, so I am so glad she came home!!! YAY! What a huge relief!
    That treasury IS gorgeous!
    Linda :)

  4. One day you need to show us a photo of your cats too. I bet their all so individual and cute!

  5. I'm glad your cat is back. My sister's ran away last year for almost a week but she showed up crying at the door when she was tired of hunting for her own food. Luckily my iguana is frightened of everything from dogs to papertowels so she'd never get far if she got out! Love the treasury as ususal, you have such a great eye.

  6. my two cats are stretched out fast asleep on the sofa, wood fire is burning.... what a lovely site1 Wish they could just stay like this for ever! Come 4 in the morning they are totally possessed evil little buggers!
    but I do worry when they don't show up on time for dinner..after all their stomachs are the only thing they are governed by!
    Glad your little kitty arrived home safely!
    Now to check out some of the artists in your lovely treasury!

  7. Thanks everyone! I wonder if she got lost, cos she's been stuck to me like glue since then!!! :O)

  8. So glad the little one came home. I am exactly the same way with my kitties. I cannot go to bed unless they are both home. I call them from the front door and then go to the back door and call them from there. I don't let them out - my son does or else they escape when we opent the door (they are quick.) We live in the city and I have seen too many cats end up squished under the wheels of a vehicle.

  9. so glad your cat was safe, i think i was up waiting for my brother :)
    i also loved your dove treasury, my name means white dove so its always kinda special to see doves!!! kind thoughts


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