Monday, August 24, 2009

MoNdAy MoRnInG

Words don't look right when they are mixed up in high and low case do they! Lester's going to be mixed up later, he went to the Vets for the snip this morning, poor thing. But! I had 3 lovely surprises today... Look who it is! My Tony Bear!! Oh I love him so much! he is utterly adorable! Thank you so much Grace. Go check out her wonderful creations ~ Little Black Crow Studio Oop, I didn't straighten out his little sailors collar before I took his photo - better make sure you visit Grace's store to see much better photography skills! Talking of photography..... I received a stunning print from fine art photographer JC Ritchie I love it ~ Image below. Click on his name to visit his Etsy shop - it truly is worthwhile. Or, click on the image to visit his website...... Ideally, do both! Today JaneElizabeths featured one of my mannequins in her lovely treasury... Thankyou!


  1. Aw, poor Lester. Yes, I remember our Finley was
    a tad confused LOL.

    Abi, your Tony bear is adorable! You had a great morning!

  2. Beauty all around!!!

    so many lovely wishes

    p.s sorry bout the deleted comment for some reason the same comment went on twice so i tried to spare you the reitteration :) *have a lovely day*


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