Monday, February 25, 2013

Another snow day...

One of my cats loves to be out bird hunting, even in the snow... he is quite bonkers.
We had a lot of snow last week, which just about melted yesterday, but it returned today with vengeance.  The icicles inspired me to create another feather skirt with a beaded bodice.
I haven't made much furniture this last week since it's too cold to work in the woodshop.  I was hoping to get going on some this week but unless it quits snowing, not much chance of being productive!
I have become very tired of Facebook recently, and did deactivate my account, but it also deactivated parts of the selling group I set up, so I had to re-activate it, then half my account vanished completely!  I will find a happy medium....
One of my good friends posted this ~
And I adore this image from 'Romantic Vintage Home'

I had better get on with some sewing! 


  1. Oh my! I like this pic, with a cat under the tree! beautiful!

  2. I don't think my wimp kitties would set foot in snow....what a beautiful pic of Corky!

    That beaded bodice is gorgeous and the feathers make me smile! Such pretty work you do, Abi :)

  3. I LOVE that photo of Corky!
    How endearing.
    I guess, but wait a minute...
    I just realized it's a photo of a hitman! Ha!
    My Harry ran outside the other day, he thought he was being so sly, running in amongst the little dogs. But once he hit the snow he turned around and raced right back in! I love that cat so much. :)
    Yeah, Facebook is starting to drain me too. Lots of negative crap over there, but I suppose it's been good for me in the fact that it's enlightened me to the evil in some peoples hearts that I wouldn't have realized before.
    and I take great pleasure in Un-friending them!
    (sorry for the rambling!)
    Keep warm!
    XOXO - Cindi

  4. What a great shot.... this could be a Christmas card....

    We have had such unseasonably warm weather most of our winter...and even today was great and...all of a sudden is snowing ...and it's dropped to -5C...which is still pretty mild really in the scheme of it... all week is supposed to be plus n umber and up to +10C by Friday... so, ours won't even be here by tomorrow night I bet.... sigh...

  5. LOL Cameron -Thank you :) out of 10 cats, only one will go outside!

  6. Cindi! LOL.. Corky is a dorky. Did you get lots of snow? Harry has sense!
    Yes, I hate facebook. I really do.

  7. Thanks V.. the snow was waist high today in places... crazy. Hope you don't get too much

  8. Hope your snow goes away soon. We have had temperatures in the minus whole of last week but this week it is a bit better but still too cold for my liking. I love that picture of your cat.

  9. Hi Abi,
    It's a good thing that Corky has all that wonderful fur to keep him warm :) That is a lot of snow!!
    I love your new creation, the pale blue is so beautiful and I love the quote too, it made me smile!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  10. Hola Abi, loving your creations, just adorable!


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