Wednesday, February 15, 2012

~ Helloooooo ~

So, I seem to have gotten into a 2 month posting habit.  That's not cool.  I must say, Blogger drives me bonkers, with all it's reoccurring faults, and errors, so I have finally made the leap to Wordpress.  This will be my last post here.

I have also been spending most of my waking hours working on doll clothes, and furniture.  For the time being, I won't be working on any new art dolls.  It's also a fairwell to the Art Dolls Only Team, where the decision was made to close it's doors yesterday.  I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of participation, as were some other active members, amongst other things, so although I will miss ADO, I think it was time to say goodbye. (edit ~ I stand corrected. The ADO as it was has closed it's doors, but a new one is being set up - so if you are interested in re-joining, visit Patricia of Papilion Bleu)

Here is an image of my last custom doll...
Her new owner named her Abbey, which is sweet, since she is my last!

My obsession continues to grow over ball jointed dolls, and Blythe.  I am learning more about face-ups, and clothing patterns and hair re-rooting and carving.  It's fun.
I am in the midst of customising dolls.  Peri here, was my first...
Ok, I can't get blogger to accept any more images, so will have to try again, another day.

In the meantime, I am offering a chance to win a $100 gift voucher over on my new blog for those of you who have a Blythe, or Pullip!

I'd love you to pop by and say hi! 


  1. Hey Abi
    Great to see your work, love the new blog. Sad that you also left ADO, but some of us grow out of the club scene
    Love your dolls and couture
    thanks for always sharing
    your fairy friend

  2. Wow, all change then Abi. It is kinda sad about ADO but all good things come to an end, the blog almost killed you and the Ezine just about wiped me and the other editors out last autumn, dread to think how the other active members coped. I hope it's onto bigger and better things for all of us :o)

  3. Finally stepping on over to the dark side of wordpress
    ; ) "Abby" is just beautiful and I look forward to whatever you're creating, regardless of the amount you blog.

  4. I did not know ADO was frustrating, I just joined.... and tried to participate.... in a small way. I can imagine your frustration.
    Wish you lots of luck!!

  5. Abi, whether you post once every 2 months or every day, I would come and visit. I love your dolls and look forward to each and every one you make. I also like to hear about your menagerie.

  6. I popped over to your new blog, but did not comment there so as not to take a spot for a doll owner to win :)

    I adore your clothes....the craftsmanship and passion in all you do just blows me away. I am always delighted to see a post from you when you are able....and the fact that you've spending your time creating, dreaming and living your life is nothing to apologize for :)

    Best wishes for your new adventure ahead!

  7. Yep, I totally get it. Blogger can be a PAIN. I've thought of going to Wordpress too. I just know that I need a break from it all so that I can actually accomplish some things! :)
    I stopped over at your lovely new blog and I will be sure to Follow. I didn't comment because I didn't want to mess up the drawing. I'm blissfully happy with my "Birdy", she's all I need! :)
    XOXO - Cindi

  8. I can fully understand your frustration with the lack of participation ... I had the same problem with another group. It's very difficult to motivate unmotivated people!!

    Will pop over to your other blog, but sorry this one is closing.

  9. Hello, Abi! I'll miss your exquisite and beautiful dolls, but I'll come here from time to time to visit them!:) A New Year - a new beginning. You are taking the decisions and we are following you... Good luck and a lot of energy for creating! I'm sure you'll continue to surprise us.:)

  10. Hi and goodbye Abi..... well...not goodbye...I can follow you to Wordpress... just not to Facebook...I don't want to bother with that one....

    It seems doll making groups are very tough to keep going .... even in person... the same thing happened to the one and only group I belonged to here in town.... several years ago now.

    Today on blogger is yet another trying one....for some reason they have switched up the word verification is now two words...very difficult to decipher and I just know folks are going to be furious with it... where does the new, easier blogger come into play?..

  11. Abi, ADO is NOT over. It will be a different one.

  12. Where to begin? First, I have never "met" anyone who makes me smile with her art as much as you do. I find each doll is like a story of friendship, thoughtfulness, intelligence, repose, and grace. I will tell you this, your force of good will always shine in whatever you do, it is just that true, it seems. I know this may seem strange to hear from someone who visits when she can, but, your images of your dolls stays with me at times. The way they sit and the expressions of sweet grace, I will tell you, even though I don't have one, show-up in my mind sometimes on hard days. I think it is the love, the details, the photography, the spirit you give them. I think it is such a calming thing to picture at times of stress. That is art for you, I guess. Never know who you touch with it, right? Well, be blessed and I will go to your new place, now. Thanks dear one!

  13. Mmmm...such beauty! I adore your art...LOVE your dolls & am sadden to hear that Abbey is your last custom doll as I've been tucking money aside for one myself. Not meant to be at this time. :) I'll look forward to following you on your new blog & seeing all your newst creations! Take care & many blessings! ~H♥~

  14. How sad that we're not going to see such delightful faces anymore. I think perhaps you could tell us a little bit of how you made them.
    However, I hope you'll make some bjd yourself. Will you show the procces?
    Elena from Spain

  15. Hello,
    very very sweet!!

  16. Your dolls are amazing! And so are your clothes, both for your art dolls and Blythe~
    I started out with Pullips before I moved onto BJD's... ^-^

    // -T.W-


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