Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh My Gosh! two months & a *new shop*

Two entire months without a post - I don't believe it!  where has time there anyone out there?
I have had a good time... my parents came to visit from England, and I didn't want them to leave, I've made a few art dolls, and lot's of clothes for Blythe....
I miss my parents.

The art dolls..
Talvi Art doll

Antonia's Custom Doll, named Whisper

Shelley's custom art doll

I have had a fun and frustrating time making clothes patterns for Blythe... unfortunately I have thrown more away than actually created.  The learning process is a tough one, but life would be boring if everything was a breeze.
Here are a few...


Wool Flannel Wrap skirt

Taylor Couture
Well, you get the idea... 
My new *Etsy Shop* opens today! yay! 
If you'd like to see more of my *Winter Collection* check out my shop ~

I also have a new doll... she is a resin BJD Lati Green Senny ~ she is super cute, and the first of many more BJD's I am positive!
Winter & Bunny
She was owned by my friend Lisa Marie who named  her Winter Lilee. She arrived a couple of days ago, with her bunny!
I made her a little outfit ~
Winter being observed....
Toblerone found a not-so-great place to sit and view the new addition.
Until next to catch up on everyone else :O)


  1. The tiny clothes are so lovely and your new dolls are just beautiful! Glad you were able to enjoy the time with your parents, Abi.

  2. Well it was worth the wait, beautiful dolls and adorable Blythe collection!

  3. Love the new dolls and those are such lush little dolls clothes and accessories :D

    Your hair still looks great, btw :D

  4. great that your parents came for a visit...lovely that you have them still...mine are both gone just the beginning of last month...enjoy them, treasure them, tell them how much you love them so they hear and know is just a heartbeat...

  5. Hello, Abi! So glad that you've come back! I see that you've had a lovely summer... With your dear parents around you (you are a happy family!) and the world of your beauties! The dolls are wonderful as ever and all the details and the tiny clothes are so exquisite!!!
    I missed you and your posts... Your hair has grown and you look so pretty!

    Have a magnificent autumn!:-)

  6. Bad girl Abi! We've missed your posts!

    Seriously though, it must have been lovely to have all that time with your parents........treasure the times - I lost my Dad to mesothelioma more than 20 years ago and not a day goes by when I don't miss him still.

  7. Beautiful dolls as always dear. Love those pig tails! I vlogg'd your Taylor doll during a virtual bookshelf tour I did recently haha.
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  8. Oh absolutely adorable and awesome!!

  9. So you took the plunge! She looks really cute. Love the dolls and all the Blythe clothes too :o)

  10. Well, the good thing've been having lots of fun! that's all that counts isn't it? what fun having your Mum and Dad there for a visit....

  11. You're BACK!
    sigh....thank goodness
    I always miss seeing what fabulousness you have created.
    and you've done it again, love it all. I also adore your critters updates and photos, of course! :D
    So glad you had cherished times with your parents, nothing is better than that!
    XOXO - Cindi

  12. I just love your delicate and lovelly dolls. They look like small fairies and are so adorable!

    I put a link to your blog on ny blog, hope that is ok.
    Best regards

  13. Perhaps you and your family could skype and then they won't seem so far away. Your new doll and those clothes are so cute.

  14. Hi there Abi!
    Boy, TIME DOES FLY, eh? It's good to touch home base (Mom and Dad) from time to time; looks like a good time. Your Blythe Designer Collection is nothing short of AWESOME!!!! and well worth the wait. Tiny dolls and such are not my thing, but of course your work makes me want one!!!!

  15. Oh congrats on parents and these amazing creations of yours!!!!!!! I love it all! Those little wings, precious, so precious! Blessings to you, wonderful you!

  16. Your dolls are very beautiful! I wish you creative inspiration!

  17. Good Lord!!! You HAVE cought the Bjd's bug!!!!
    They are going to have the most fantastic clothes ever!!!! My little Aliénore is keeping an eye open on your Talor MAde shop as she is a real fashion addict little doll .


  18. oh its all too beautiful!!! the photo of everyone by the sea is so warming & calming!!! loveliest daydreams to you!!!

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  20. The silver haired dolls are so beautiful!!

  21. this picture is just too much!!! Love your doll Art!


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