Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ New Art Dolls & A New Shop! ~

I have been incredibly disciplined this week and managed to remove myself form the laptop, and made three dolls!
The first two are commissioned, & the last one called Mia is looking for a new home via Etsy She is the last of the winter Bohemian/Bo-ho Chic range!
Kathy has named her doll kendal, which I think suits her very well.  Kathy knew exactly what she wanted her doll to wear, and I enjoyed the challange to 'get it right'.  I also discovered I love making miniature things, & this paint palette & brush was no exception.  Kathy also wanted a Black Labrador..
Christine wanted a doll similar to Snowflake - it's impossible for me to recreate a doll, but I think I encapsulated some of the features.
Christine, the new owner of this doll, has a cute little pup called Bonny - I think this Whimzy pet takes the part.
Mia ~ Etsy
These boots were inspired by the amazing Colleen of  A Dollmaking Journey... she made the cutest pair for her doll Truffle... Colleen made hers from leather and clay - mine are made just from clay, stamped and painted to look like leather.. I prefer Colleen's so will try using real leather next time!  Thanks Colleen for the inspiration!
My friend Natalie opened her Etsy shop! yay!  please go & say howdy....Natlalie Creating.  Her creations are so so lovely.. look at this cute owl called Coco... totally adorable.


  1. Abi ,your gorgeus dolls, are filled with the most wonderfull little details, so beautifully made, I love how they can change position,--they are fantastic.

  2. Someday, I will invite a friend to live with me and she will be a little like Conifer with blue eyes and a Snowflake mouth with dress and demeanor like Bo. I dream of that day. Thanks for a silver dream like this to be part of my imagination. Without your art this dear, sweatered, little dream girl would not grace my wishes and hopes. I will love her so. Isn't it amazing how art so carefully from the heart can give so much joy? You are truly a faery friend to meet and I am blessed. For now, here is to someday! Cheers!

  3. Your dolls are beautiful!And wonderfull details;Ilove little white dog and the boots(I use real leather and clay).Greetings:)

  4. You have such amazing eyes for the details (the paint brush and the leather boots) and I love them!!! Beautifully done :D :D

  5. she is just fabulous your new doll, and the custom pieces are wonderful, love the little cowboy boots out of clay, so when are you going to make a BJD? working on that right now, feel like mad scientist
    hope you had a lovely weekend
    your fairy friend

  6. Your ladies just leave me breathless! Abi, they are so, so gorgeous! The cowboy boots are just awesome! Wow! You ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!


  7. Oh I was falling sick during the weekend but at the good side, you still considered that as have 'enough rest' because I have to sleep and rest and doing nothing XD Or else, I would most likely working on other stuffs again and that would be another busy weekend! :)

  8. Good for you, is so hard to peel myself away from the computer sometimes!

    3 dolls is quite an accomplishment...and exceedingly beautiful as always! I love Mia's dress and those cowboy boots are darling!

  9. Wonderful dolls as always. Amazing how much work we can accomplish if we keep away from the computer!

  10. Dear Abi, I like your blog so much maybe because I know that here I can see BEAUTY! (And... perhaps the girl in my still love dolls?)The new dolls are marvellous! I always admire the precision you make the details with (I thought the boots are from leather!)You bring happiness to people, for sure!:)

  11. ...the girl in ME...
    Mia looks ready to meet Spring!:)

  12. Hi Abi, your dolls are beautiful (as usual). I've really enjoyed your Bo ho theme.

  13. Wow awesome dolls. Great idea of stamping the shoes.
    Glad you could get away from the computer. Helps us to get to see some lovely eye candy of yours.

  14. abi.... art materials seem to be straw into to gold, in your talented hands!!!

    (cannot wait to see a south of the border flair appear!!!)

    much love to you friend.

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  16. Three dolls in one week!!! That is so inspiring! They are simply stunning works of heart!!! You are certainly blessed with incredible talent, it's wonderful to see how you embrace that gift.

  17. Once again, Abi, I am completely and totally entranced by all the wonderful details you include with your dolls, who are themselves totally exsquisite. So awe-inspiring! Thank you!
    Hugs xxx

  18. I LOVE that you're adding pets with their owners. And anytime you mention a new Etsy shop, I'll head on over.

  19. Hello Abi! Your dolls are so lovely. I am in love with that little artist palette. So cute. And congrats to your friend Natalie! What an adorable shop. I love her owls. :) Theresa

  20. Abi, I love her whimzy pet! Your blog just makes me happy! For that, I am passing on the Cherry on Top Blog award for beautiful blogs with that little bit extra. Learn more here: There's also a pic of my new fur baby!

  21. Big sigh, I wish I could have one of your dolls in my dolls' house one day.

    The English pigs send their regards by the way! ;-)

  22. Those dolls are amazing, what a talent you have. I adore snowflake. I look forward to following your blog

    all the best


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