Monday, September 6, 2010

New Etsy Treasury for ADO, Texas, Tiger and on being a vegetarian!

Etsy's Art Dolls Only Team meets divine delights...
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I found Texas hiding in a paper bag.... which happened to still have the contents of what I had just bought in there!  a lovely sweater, now covered in hair - well, winter is on it's way!

Remember the kitten who turned up a couple of weeks ago,Tiger? he has turned into the biggest softie ever!

On being a vegetarian.... eating out in Texas is difficult... when I was a vegan it would have been impossible!

Jesse and I went out for breakfast yesterday, the choice was, suprise suprise, a veggy burger or a vegetable omlette.  I asked the waitress if the eggs were free range - her reply was "what's a free range egg?" to cut a long story short, she really did not know what a free range egg was!  I could not believe it.  I still can not believe it, and probably will never believe it. 

Fabulous egg and chicken photos borrowed from my favourite animal photographer Sharon Montrose.

Happy Labour Day guys.  And dont' forget.... buy free range.... please?


  1. I love your Treasury! That is totally all the colors that I adore! I have never done one and I must give it a try some time!
    The photos by Sharon Montrose are amazing. Now I'm feeling guilty about the garlic chicken pizza that I had the other day. I felt AWFUL about the BLT I had after I read about the Pig Rescue...I didn't eat red meat for about 8 years and then one day about 9 years ago, I was at dinner with a friend and I tried some steak again and somehow lost my way ever since...

    (Your Texas is starting to look like my Dewey!)

  2. OOPS! I mean Tiger looks like Dewey.

  3. I have my own free range chickens... they won't start laying until next month... But I agree free range organic all the way...

    I love Tiger!!!!

    Hope your week-end was well spent ~: )

    Love to you and yours Abi~

  4. I absolutely love this Treasury and the colors are perfect!
    Tiger looks so cute!
    I only eat free range organic...
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    ~ Evelyn

  5. I had to laugh about the waitress. I think the fact that it is so easy to just pick up something (mindlessly) from the grocery store has helped make Americans some of the most unhealthy folks in the world.
    ..We have to drive 20 minutes to a farm to get our grass-fed meats, flour, etc. It is worth it though!

  6. The treasury is beautiful, Abi! I made sure to leave a comment. The kitties are so sweet - and now you have an extra cozy sweater to keep you warm. :) That story about the free-range is just too funny. Even I know what that means!!! And we always do purchase free-range. :)
    Have a great night! Theresa

  7. i adore that kitty Kat in the paper bag...cute cute cute...
    goose girl would have to be a favorite of mine...i had a goose when i was young ..we called her Martha and she was twenty five years old when we moved and gave her to a resort on the Tamar River and i believe she lived on for years after that....

  8. oh my goodness - a few years ago I took my English hard-core veggie friend on a road trip from IL to Texas, and as we got further south, restaurants got more and more confused when we announced we were veggies! When we were in San Antonio the nearest restaurant was a Hooters, and the poor waitress didn't know what 'vegetarian' meant - she was horrified when we explained! you poor thing!
    My daughter and I are floored by the beauty of your dolls, especially the Alice!


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