Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bazzils Great Adventure!

Just wanted to show off my sister's talents! she has a shop on Folksy.com, which is similar to Etsy in England. I think she should set up an Etsy shop too if she had time! she sells her products wholesale to a high street shop in Felixstowe, on the Suffolk coast, which is very impressive! Take a look at a selection:
She accepts custom orders, and can personalize all her products. Go visit her shop: www.bazzilsgreatadventure.com


  1. Thanks Abi, you're the best sister a girl could have !! xxx

  2. These are wonderful. It is neat to have a sister who is also creative. I have a twin sister who excels in drawing and painting, but she seldom wants to make anything.

    You'll get the hang of the shop/blog/groups thing! You should look into joining ADO if you haven't already. It is a really active etsy dolls group.

  3. Thanks Jess - My sister will appreciate your comment. Shame your sister doesn't use her talents though.
    Just joined ADO! another group to keep me occupied on line!! :O)

  4. Thanks Jess, its really great to get positive feedback on the things I make! I'm not sure I'd ever have your patience to make such wonderful creations....


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