Thursday, February 11, 2010

A bit of Texas

Yeah! we got some snow! well, an inch maybe... 5 of our dogs loved it, but Mouse, our OAP dog of 16 years, decided staying inside was the best option!


  1. YEAH! now you can play too! snow is pretty but too much of anything can be a bummer ! LOVE your snow Abi! I can send you some more if you would like!

  2. The dogs seem to wonder what all the white stuff is. Fun huh?

  3. Bet the menagerie are loving it... reminds you of home, eh? ;O)

    How'd you get those cool round edges on your pics by the way? xxx

  4. You guys and your snow! You need to send some to Vancouver and Whistler for the olympics games! They're using trucks to bring snow to the mountains. They usually get inundated with the stuff!

  5. Wow, the Hill Country got some...that's rare, as you well know. Well, enjoy it while it's on the ground, assuming it's still there. We just got rain, which is fine with me!! LOL

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Wow Abi! is it normal to get snow in Texas???

  7. Wow what fun!!! Your dogs are so adorable. Seems like dogs can make fun and games out of anything!

  8. Hi Abi and nice to meet you and your adorable Art :)!
    I'm Mila from Italy and we have snow too, but not in my city :(...
    Love your pets!I've got 4 cats :)
    Mila :)

  9. It seems there is snow everywhere this year, Enjoy!

  10. I live in Houston and we had a snow flurry day, it's cold here, but no more snow! Lucky you to have it and btw, awesome pics!!!
    Thank you for sharing your snow pics with us!
    Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!
    From a fellow Texan!
    Linda :)

  11. Just read Little Dirt Lanes post and she too has had snow and she is Richlands, snow is rare there too.
    But another friend who lives in Virginia is fed up with all the snow as she can't get to work let alone to the stores!
    Looks pretty though and I love how the grass looks poking out through the snow.
    Just once I would love to experience what it's like to live in an area that has snow in winter...and a whit Xmas!

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  13. i wonder if they get chilly in all that snow :) it looks like they're having a little party! hope you have a lovely week!!!

  14. I'm loving your dogs! I have extra snow here if you need some more--lol :)


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